Web Seminar The insider's guide to data lineage

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Would you eat at a restaurant where a dozen people just got food poisoning? Or bring home a puppy without knowing whether it had its shots—or had bit anybody?

Probably not!

Well, the same holds true for data. No one should use it unless they know where it’s from, how it’s been used, and what their results were. And with more people are using more of it in more ways than ever, data rarely travels from source to use-case in a single hop.

That’s why data lineage is so critical for effective analytics. Data lineage helps ensure that the right people use the right data for the right reasons—and that analytic outcomes are trusted only as much as they ought to be trusted.

Join this expert-led this interactive webinar to learn:

· How data lineage helps ensure that decisions are made with trustworthy data
· Where data lineage fits into your broader strategy for data quality and analytics success
· How to optimize data lineage results while controlling associated costs

Key Speakers

Dan Myers
Manager, Enterprise Data Management, Farmers Insurance
John Murphy
Data Quality Architect, Southern California Edison
Lenny Liebmann
Contributing Editor SourceMedia