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Web Seminar The agile data catalog

A data catalog is essential for ensuring that everyone involved in analytics anywhere across your business can quickly locate the data sources they need—and use them appropriately.

But how can you ensure that your data catalog stays up-to-date and accurate even as your data sources expand and evolve on a seemingly daily basis? And how do you keep your data catalog relevant to your company’s ever-changing business needs?

Join our panel of experts to learn how you can get more value out of your data with a truly agile approach to catalog management. You’ll learn:
· 3 factors that can erode your data catalog’s value over time

· What data consumers really need and want in a catalog

· Why it’s essential to automate catalog management as much as you can

Key Speakers

Lenny Liebmann
Contributing Editor SourceMedia
Aaron Goldberg
CEO, Content4IT
Stephen Gatchell
CDO, Dell