Data governance ensures that an organization’s data assets can be discovered, understood, governed and then socialized for greater visibility, control and value. It enables an enterprise to get a handle on how it handles its data in the context of achieving larger business goals – from regulatory compliance to growing topline revenue.

Such comprehensive and effective data governance requires a shift from isolated IT program to strategic initiative, with a persona-based approach that ensures everyone – from executives on down – invested in and accountable for data use.

Join Information Management and erwin, Inc. for this webinar on how to create an enterprise data governance experience (EDGE) to mitigate risk, improve operational performance, and accelerate growth.

We’ll look at the five characteristics of an EDGE that join IT and business functions in managing data risks while maximizing its opportunities.

Key Speakers

Jamie Knowles
Product Manager, Data Governance Products, erwin, Inc. (Guest)
Mariann McDonagh
Chief Marketing Officer, erwin, Inc. (Guest)
Eric Kavanagh
CEO Bloor Group (Moderator)