Sensors, wearables, smart homes, kiosks. The IoT explosion is rapidly transforming the way we serve customers and the way we live our lives.

But if you’re charged with managing and supporting new remote “Digital Mesh” environments that link IoT and smartphones over Wi-Fi, you’re going to face some major challenges. So it’s not too early to assess those impending IoT-related challenges and start strategizing about solutions.

View this thought-provoking session to efficiently learn about the soon-to-arrive future of IoT and the latest thinking about the remote management challenges that it will create, including:

  • The new role of IoT in your business
  • OS fragmentation in the Digital Mesh
  • Wi-Fi as the “new oxygen”
  • The coming cost/scale conundrum

Top IoT thought-leaders address questions about how your business should prepare for the future of Digital Mesh.

Key Speakers

Lenny Liebmann
Contributing Editor SourceMedia
Kurt Jacobs
Director, Solutions JMA Wireless
Bill Muth
Founding Director Anova