Your business has more access to more data than ever before. But you can’t use that data to its full advantage if you don’t know what it is, where it is, and if it can be trusted.

Fortunately, effective data cataloging and governance can ensure that all of your organization’s data stakeholders share a “single version of the truth” when it comes to data relevance, quality, and lineage. The result: You can surf the data tsunami with ease — instead of getting drowned by it.

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• How leading companies use a data catalog to bring coherence to data chaos
• What really promotes more impactful use of data by business stakeholders
• 3 steps you can take to get your company’s data governance on the right track

Victory over data chaos is within your reach. Invest a little time with us to discover how!

Key Speakers

Lenny Liebmann
Contributing Editor SourceMedia
Michael Becker
Co-Founder & Managing Editor
Mike Smith
Head of Data Strategy & Governance for US Consumer, Commercial & Mortgage, Citibank