Web Seminar Analytics leadership behind the scenes

November 15 2017 2:00PM EST

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Here’s a unique opportunity to interact directly with one of the world’s top practitioners of data-driven business transformation: Dr. Alexander Borek, Head of Smart Data & Analytics at Volkswagen. In this exclusive one-on-one session, Dr. Borek will share in depth about what it really takes to leverage data in ways that change your business and its value proposition to your customers.

Plus, you can ask Dr. Borek — who has held consulting positions at IBM and Gartner — your own personal questions in real time.

Join us for this special interactive webinar to learn:

· Dr. Borek’s 10 rules for digital transformation
· How to address the special challenges faced in “traditional” industries
· Strategies for optimizing your own personal career path

Key Speakers

Lenny Liebmann
Contributing Editor SourceMedia
Dr. Alexander Borek
Head of Smart Data & Analytics, Volkswagon
Dr. Thomas Redman
President, Data Quality Solutions