Today’s highly motivated, tech-savvy knowledge workers are demanding more access to more data so they can make better fact-based decisions—and contribute more effectively to your business.

But how can you empower more users with greater analytic insight? Just as important, how can you democratize analytics while controlling costs and mitigating risk?

Join our data management experts on this informative, interactive webinar to learn:

· Why it’s so important to satisfy Millennials’ appetite for data and analytics
· How top performers safely democratize data via intuitive, secure “catalogs”
· 3 top risks associated with pervasive analytics—and what do to about them

Democratized insight is a significant competitive business advantage. And it drives higher ROI from your existing technology investments. So let our experts point your in the right direction by registering now!

Key Speakers

Lenny Liebmann
Contributing Editor SourceMedia
David Marco
President, EWSolutions