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Web Seminar 7 GDPR “Gotchas” – and how to avoid them

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As GDPR deadlines loom, most data managers are already working to ensure compliance. But the first wave of GDPR compliance efforts reveal some serious potential GDPR “gotchas.” And many of these “gotchas” are the result of basic misconceptions about what compliance really requires.

Protect yourself and your organization by attending this interactive expert-led webinar. You’ll learn:

· How European business partners can expose you to unanticipated risk

· What the “data portability” requirements of GDPR really require

· Why you need to select and empower an EU representative ASAP

Key Speakers

Lenny Liebmann
Contributing Editor SourceMedia
William Beckler
GDPR Compliance Lead, ALICE
Tammy Eisenberg, Esq.
Director, Investment Management Risk & Compliance BNY Mellon
Steve Erwin-Davidson
Principal Solutions Architect, SAS