Slideshow Top 10 Careers With The Best 2015 Outlook

  • April 26 2015, 5:35pm EDT
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Top 10 Careers With The Best 2015 Outlook

Data scientist ranks among the 10 hottest careers for 2015. But what are the others? Here's a clue: Several of them involve math and data skills, according to CareerCast’s most recent report. The following 10 careers are considered the best jobs of 2015.

No. 10 - Computer Systems Analyst

The proliferation of information technology, particularly cloud-based technology, means more organizations and businesses must hire computer systems analysts in the coming years. Analysts can expect to make a median income of $81,150 annually. (Image credit: Fotolia)

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No. 9 - Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapist is another high-demand job, with a projected growth outlook of almost 30% in the next decade, CareerCast notes. Median incomes range around $77,114 annually. (Image credit: Fotolia)

No. 8 - Software Engineer

As technology’s grip tightens more on today’s economy, from smartphones to smart watches, software engineers will be integral to maintaining network performance and developing new programs. As a result, wages are very competitive for these highly trained workers. The industries in which they can work are varied, but pay averages around $93,110. (Image credit: Fotolia)

No. 7 - Dental Hygienist

This profession is in high demand, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics has tapped the hiring of dental hygienists to explode in the coming decade. Average salaries land somewhere around $71,102 a year. (Image credit: Fotolia)

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No. 6 - Data Scientist

As businesses grow and technologies develop, data is being produced and consumed now more than ever. Analyzing and making use of all this information requires uniquely skilled data scientists, capable of breaking down raw numbers into easily digested information. Average incomes for data scientists are around $124,149 annually. (Image credit: Fotolia)

No. 5 - Biomedical Engineer

In a field that is only beginning to scratch the surface of its potential, biomedical engineers will play a significant role in merging health care and technological advancements in the coming years, CareerCast notes, with incomes ranging about $89,165 annually. (Image credit: Fotolia)

No. 4 – Statistician

Another data driver – as statistical analysis becomes even more important in the economic landscape, statisticians will have few hindrances in landing a job, regardless of which sector they choose. Average incomes come in at around $79,191. (Image credit: Fotolia)

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No. 3 – Mathematician

The beauty of choosing a career as a mathematician is the versatility it provides, allowing a professional to work in technology, business or academia. This allows for a robust job market and rather high salaries, averaging at $102,182 a year. (Image credit: Fotolia)

No. 2 – Audiologist

As the baby boomers (the largest population group in the U.S.) age, preventive health care is expected to provide a great opportunity to audiologists. They'll benefit by providing a service that benefits young and old alike. Average salaries come in around $71,133 annually. (Image credit: Fotolia)

No. 1 – Actuary

Job satisfaction is one of the leading contributing factors that has pushed the actuary profession to the No. 1 ranking in 2015. So, too, does the career's positive hiring outlook and high pay, averaging $94,209 annually. The anticipated demand for actuaries is due in part to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, CareerCast notes. (Image credit: Fotolia)

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