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  • July 28 2010, 12:00am EDT
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<h2>BMC Control-M for Databases</h2>

Reviewed by CARFAX The greatest strength of BMC Control-M for Databases is the ability to eliminate PL/SQL scripts. This simplifies administrative tasks, reduces the potential for error and speeds change and recovery times. Other strengths include the way that it allows us to seamlessly integrate database processes with the rest of the batch workload environment, giving CARFAX a single way to manage our business processes. Administrative functions are simplified by the secure way it handles permissions and controlling. The solution also gives us a better way to understand which users are able to access specific databases and various tables within the environment. Read the full review.

<h2>Composite Software’s Composite Information Server</h2>

Reviewed by Comcast The Composite-based Directory Services layer delivers the following capabilities: data virtualization to eliminate complex federation and reconciliation of source provisioning, entitlement, and credential systems; abstraction of data sources to simplify application access and integration; and query optimization to reduce transaction time for processing a request. Read the full review.

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<h2>SharePath from Correlsense</h2>

Reviewed by Maryville’s Chief Technology Office SharePath from Correlsense for the first time gives us in real time a complete view of what is going on with our business transactions across the entire topology of our data center. In the past, we only had visibility into individual silos (application servers, databases, etc.) and for sample transactions. Now we see the full picture for all our transactions - no matter how complex the application is. Read the full review.

<h2>DataFlux dfPower Studio 8.2 and DataFlux Data Integration Server</h2>

Before DataFlux, up to 10 percent of our records were duplicates. Today, less than one percent of our travel data contain duplicate records. DataFlux technology allowed us to merge multiple records into one. In fact, DataFlux has enabled us to correct any issue long before a client sees it. Reviewed by iJET International Read the full review.

<h2>Embarcadero All-Access</h2>

Reviewed by Cabela’s With Embarcadero All-Access, we have access to nearly all of Embarcadero´s database and application development tools. This approach helps us circumvent a lengthy cost-justification process and budget cycle every time a new need arises because the tool is already there in our All-Access tool chest. Read the full review.

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<h2>Informatica Cloud Services</h2>

Reviewed by HealthDetail We use these SaaS-based data integration services to automatically move provider data from MySQL databases into Salesforce CRM where staff can verify the information. Once the data has been verified and made consistent, the Informatica Cloud transfers the data back into the provider´s MySQL database. As part of the process, the Informatica Cloud also automatically cleanses the provider information. Read the full review.

<h2>Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Suite</h2>

Reviewed by Software Solutions Jaspersoft's implementations multitenancy and access controls allow us to focus on the data aggregation and visualization rather than on an administrative framework. In addition, the well-designed selection criteria and filtering UI components are both visually appealing and intuitively designed. The ad hoc report builder is helping us to empower users with the ability to create their own reports, data extracts and analyses. Read the full review.

<h2>Melissa Data's Total Data Quality Integration Toolkit (TDQ-IT)</h2>

Reviewed by SMARTech Corp TDQ-IT´s transforms - Name, Address, GeoCoder, Phone and Email verification components - are all put into action as each individual data upload is scrubbed and merged into a single, uniform data set. The goal is to create a single anchor record per individual from which SMARTech´s customers operate multimillion-record mass communications strategies. Read the full review.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Reviewed by Travel Dynamics International By integrating all of our applications into the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system, TDI now has better reporting capabilities and more accurate, up-to-date information regarding all of our business processes. The lead tracking tools record detailed information about prospects, enabling sales to better organize and prioritize follow-up activities for each new opportunity. The reservation system allows agents to book up to four times faster because the customer information is automatically linked in the system with tour package details. Automated workflows and the ability to quickly merge mailing lists with documents allow customer service to cut the amount of time needed to complete delivery of customer mailings by 50 percent. Read the full review.

MicroStrategy 9

Reviewed by leverages MicroStrategy´s ad hoc query and analysis capabilities across the enterprise. In particular, MicroStrategy OLAP Services is key to our success; with it, is able to develop intelligent cubes so that our end users can run reports in a high performance environment while maintaining the analytical flexibility to create and modify their own reports. Read the full review.

Nasuni Filer

Reviewed by Cressy & Everett Real Estate The administration interface is elegant and easy to use... Nasuni sends out monthly statements that break out storage usage totals, comparing each month's charges with the previous month as a point of reference to see how we are utilizing the service. Everything is itemized showing average daily use, so I have a good idea of the amount of data being transmitted to the cloud. I also can see what the subscription plan that I've chosen entails, along with details for upcoming charges or discounts. Read the full review.

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Paessler Network Monitoring

Reviewed by Wilshire Oncology We use Paessler AG's PRTG Network Monitor to keep tabs on vital data connections, servers, applications and even some workstations. As medical offices continue to embrace technology, there is a growing demand to ensure the most efficient use of that technology. PRTG helps us to identify real needs, justify the costs of upgrades, and decide where to make IT investments that will do the most good. Read the full review.

Perfect Search Appliance

Reviewed by Perfect Search was able to reduce the server requirement of World Vital Records from seven servers to one server, while handling a 100 percent growth in data. Today, more than 1.6 billion records exist on one server, with an additional server for redundancy. The same 40GB of data that took more than 880 hours to index on Lucene is now indexed in approximately 36 hours by Perfect Search. Wait times were reduced so query response times were subsecond, even with an increase of traffic and data size. CPU utilization seldom exceeds 10 percent at peak query loads. Read the full review.

Sagent Data Flow from Pitney Bowes Business Insight

Reviewed by BECU By integrating location intelligence and BI, BECU was able to incorporate data formatted by Data Flow and use it to analyze performance and trade area demographics. The combined solution enables BECU to effectively conduct saturation and regression analysis and pinpoint areas of greatest potential to add or close retail sites. BECU is continually using these technologies to effectively market its financial products to existing members, analyze branch performance and identify new markets or new opportunities in existing markets. Read the full review.

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Precyse iLocate Product Suite

Reviewed by Keshev, Leumi Bank Each bag or parcel containing sensitive financial documents has been fitted with a Precyse Smart Agent - a bidirectional active RFID tag sewed into the bag. A wireless asset network covers the Keshev clearing facility. A large LCD display on the logistics room´s wall identifies a bag´s presence based on its route, using bright colors to indicate a missing bag in real time as trucks drive into the facility. This system helped the bank increase employee accountability while providing real-time traceability and automated data acquisition tools. Read the full review.

EventTracker from Prism Microsystems

Reviewed by JC Hanlon Consulting, Inc. We use EventTracker to monitor multiple customer environments in real time to detect signs of intrusions and suspicious activity before costly damage is caused. Its correlation and alerting capabilities allow us to focus on real threats rather than wasting time chasing false alarms or monitoring routine log data, and its more than 500 correlation rules allow us to monitor a range of activity including changes in user rights, login failures across multiple systems, unauthorized access, suspicious network activity, USB device activity, irregular user activity and more, giving us complete security insight into customer environments for quick remediation. Read the full review.

Quest Software's Toad for Oracle Xpert

Reviewed by Ithaca College We use Toad Xpert for Oracle to create, debug, tune and test PL/SQL code and applications and to simplify database maintenance and troubleshooting. It’s important that we have a tool to help us quickly tune applications for maximum performance, especially when students register for courses or select housing over the Web. The competition for space in classes and dorm rooms is intense, and those applications have to perform at peak levels to support the very high volume of activity during registration periods. Read the full review.

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Reviewed by North Carolina Office of the State Controller Because SAS hosts CJLEADS, the state could focus on design and business requirements rather than procurement and installation of a technical infrastructure. With shrinking state budgets, leveraging existing computing capabilities and technical support resources was an economical and efficient way to establish the new application environment. The hosted CJLEADS application is highly scalable. Initially supporting approximately 3,000 users, it will grow within two years to support some 33,000 criminal justice professionals, including judges, district attorneys, magistrates, clerks of court, law enforcement officers, probation and parole officers, prison officials and juvenile court counselors. Read the full review.

Sybase ASE

Reviewed by MIQS, Inc. Sybase ASE allows MIQS clients to quickly analyze thousands of pieces of data. Over the long term, patient information and conditions constantly change. To treat patients properly, doctors have to assess how things change over time to view trends, improvements or deterioration. Sybase ASE organizes the data so that doctors can see why someone is getting better or worse, treat patients more productively, and see more patients – which improves overall care and allows the practice to operate more profitably. Read the full review.

Talend Open Studio

Reviewed by Sunset Group Talend Open Studio gathers data from diverse information sources, transforms the data and stores it in the target MySQL database. Because Open Studio processes these disparate data flows, the QlikView tool can easily import information to generate dynamic reports that can be accessed via a Web browser. The Sunset Group depends on Talend to bridge its current applications, and this saves considerable time and money when it comes to building custom interfaces. Read the full review.

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VAI S2K Enterprise Portal Software

Reviewed by Seneca Medical S2K Enterprise Portal is an invaluable tool for Seneca’s sales force. Representatives can rely solely on the website for customer and distribution information. The Portal allows our sales department to access detailed customer reports, thus improving overall customer service. The Portal also makes it easy for customers to place and review orders. Another significant feature in S2K Enterprise Portal that we are utilizing allows our sales team and customer representatives to review and approve orders. Read the full review.

ModelRight 3.5

Reviewed by ErMark Solutions ModelRight allows me to quickly reverse-engineer existing databases and visually review its structure to plan a course of action to build new databases or enhance existing databases. Read the full review.