Slideshow Private Cloud: Top 5 Trends

  • May 10 2012, 9:00am EDT
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Deployments Get Real

Bittman anticipates an approximately 10-times increase in private cloud deployments, which will show enterprises where cloud fits and “where it’s completely overhyped.” Ultimately, this will lead to an immediate future of quick trial and error.

Planning Goes Hybrid

Private cloud plans will give way to more hybrid cloud computing, what Bittman points to as “resource pool expansion.” Even though hybrid growth is rare currently, planning will impact architecture plans and vendor selection in the near term.

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Choices Fan Out

The cloud management platform market is nascent. Choices will grow under these four categories: virtualization platforms growing upward; traditional vendors reaching downward; open source initiatives (Bittman notes OpenStack); and startups geared on Amazon interoperability.

Sourcing Gains Alternatives

Bittman writes: “While on-premises private clouds are becoming the most common, there’s a growing interest in private clouds managed by service providers – but with varying levels of ‘privacy,’ and understanding that is critical.”

Value Becomes Refined

Only defining deployments on lower cost margins will find many enterprises missing the mark over the next year, Bittman predicts. Instead, sophistication and understanding of business requirements will propel deeper success on private deployments. Best practices and lessons from early adopters will also set the tone for private cloud in 2012.

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