Slideshow More Top Data Scientists You Should Be Watching

  • December 18 2015, 6:32am EST
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More Top Data Scientists You Should Be Watching

Previously, we introduced you to several of the holders of the 'sexiest jobs of all' in 2015 – data scientists. Today we take a look at more of the top data scientists, analysts, and architects whose careers you should be following.

Adam Coates

Adam Coates is the director of the Baidu Silicon Valley Artificial Intelligence Lab in San Francisco. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University. His specialties are in the areas of machine learning, deep learning, control and robotics.

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Allen Downey

Allen Downey is a professor of computer science at Olin College in the greater Boston area. Prior to that he was a visiting scientist at Google, and before that held positions as an assistant professor at Wellesley College and at Colby College. His sspecialties are in measurement, modeling and analysis of computer networks and operating systems; Python programming; software synchronization; and textbook writing.

Andreas Mueller

Andreas Mueller is a research engineer at the Center for Data Science (NYU) in Berlin, Germany. After a year in industry he just returned to academia, however in a more engineering oriented role. He is building data science and machine learning solutions to enable researchers and practitioners, currently mostly as part of the scikit-learn project.

Ronjon Nag

Ronjon Nag is a DCI Fellow at Stanford University. He is Chairman of EmbeeMobile (free airtime on mobiles); founder of ErsatzLabs (machine intelligence); founder of Payplant (alternative finance platform); and advisor/board member of multiple start-ups. He invented new systems for interacting with mobile devices – predictive text, handwriting, and speech recognition resulting in a billion installs; and invented app stores in 2000, resulting in billions of downloads.

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Peter Skomoroch

Peter Skomoroch has adopted for himself the title of ‘unavoidably elusive data scientist.’ He is an “entrepreneur focused on building intelligent systems to collect information and enable better decisions.” He was previously a principal data scientist at LinkedIn. Before that, he was director of analytics at Juice Analytics and a senior research engineer at AOL Search.

Jake Vanderplas

Jake Vanderplas is a Senior Data Science Fellow and director of research, physical sciences, at the University of Washington eScience Institute, an interdisciplinary institute supporting data-driven scientific research in a variety of fields. His background is in astronomy, astrophysics, machine learning, and scalable computing.

Gael Varoquaux

Gael Varoquaux is a researcher at INRIA in Paris, France. In addition to obviously having a strong sense of humor, he develops statistical models and inference algorithms for functional brain imaging. He was previously a Research Fellow at INSERM, where he worked on statistical learning and modeling for brain functional imaging: algorithmic and statistics research with application to stroke rehabilitation.

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Hadley Wickham

Hadley Wickman is chief scientist at RStudio, Inc., at Rice University. He was previously an adjunct professor and assistant professor at Rice University and before that was a web developer at the University of Auckland in Australia.

Owen Zhang

Owen Zhang is chief product office at Data Robot in Boston. He was previously vice president of science at AIG, where he lled multiple advanced analytics initiatives through the P&C value chain: price elasticity, underwriting, life-time value, claim severity/work flow optimization, adjuster skill alignment, fraud detection. Before that he was senior director of analytics and research at Travelers.