Slideshow How Bad Data Management Can Ruin Your Valentine’s Day

  • February 13 2014, 3:24pm EST
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Name Mix-up

There’s nothing worse than sending flowers that arrive for your wife Brittany – when her name is Whitney.

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Address Issue

The gift of risqué lingerie was accidentally sent to your office instead of your home address, or the wrong destination altogether (i.e., 90 Main Street versus 90 Main Avenue).

House Holding Data Management Issue

You send a romantic card to your boyfriend named Frederick, but the card ends up in the hands of his father, Fred.

Gender Identification

A gift is intended for your girlfriend, Christine, but is delivered to her colleague, Chris.

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Product Data Challenge

A rose by any other color… the classic red versus white roses. Any mix up in colors can give the recipient the wrong meaning.

Content courtesy of Anne Buff

Anne is a SAS Best Practices Thought Leader specializing in data integration, master data management, and team building. In this role she leverages her 15 years of training experience to lead best-practices workshops and facilitates intra-team dialogs in a fun and engaging way.Images from Thinkstock.