Slideshow Gartner’s Cool Vendors in Big Data 2015

  • May 25 2015, 6:07pm EDT
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Gartner’s Cool Vendors In Big Data 2015

Gartner recently published its Cool Vendors In Big Data for 2015 list. To qualify, vendors must meaningfully and synergistically combine multiple types of functionality, the research firm says. Potential examples include big data storage in the cloud or big data analytics and privacy, Gartner added. Now, let’s look at vendors that made the list – along with selected anecdotes from the Gartner report.Image: iStock

Cool Vendor 1: Altiscale

“Altiscale provides a turnkey Hadoop-as-a-service in the cloud that seeks to eliminate the inelasticity and complexity of on-premises deployments and operational learning curves associated with do-it-yourself cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS),” Gartner reported.Image: Altiscale

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Altiscale Challenges

Potential challenges include the complications of moving data between the cloud and on-premises systems, Gartner said.Image: iStock

Who Should Care About Altiscale

“Enterprise architects, business analysts, data scientists and enterprise data warehouse managers seeking a means to modernize their data management solutions for analytics, especially with regard to big data infrastructure,” Gartner said.Image: iStock

Cool Vendor 2: Indyco

“Indyco offers a solution that enables agile and collaborative data warehouse design. It offers a methodology and tools, so that business and IT align themselves during the entire life cycle of the DW, and helps progress the theory and practice of DW management…What is cool about indyco is the link to graphical representation of the business process model through its indyco explorer tool, and that it encapsulates the expertise of DW design best practices,” Gartner said.Image: Indyco

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Indyco Challenges

Indyco is an additional component to an enterprise's data warehouse architecture, and it is most effective when it replaces the data warehouse’s data model, so it is a hard concept to sell, Gartner asserted.Image: iStock

Who Should Care About Indyco

“Enterprise architects, business analysts, data scientists and enterprise DW managers who want tools and methodologies that simplify the design and the life cycle of a data warehouse,” Gartner said.Image: iStock

Cool Vendor 3: Platfora

Platfora runs natively on Hadoop and supports data preparation and interactive visualizations. Platfora has planned upcoming support for Spark extensibility, which will “allow data science users to leverage Spark's machine learning and advanced analytics libraries in its data processing pipelines,” Gartner said.Image: Platfora

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Platfora Challenges

“Since self-service data preparation and big data discovery is an emerging market, the scalability and the robustness of this tool should be assessed through a proof of concept to confirm that it meets your requirements,” Gartner stated.Image: iStock

Who Should Care About Platfora

“BI and analytics and information management leaders, enterprise architects, business analysts, data scientists and enterprise DW managers who are seeking solutions that modernize their information infrastructure by accelerating the shift toward business-user-oriented, visual, interactive data preparation,” Gartner said.Image: iStock

Cool Vendor 4: Pneuron

Data volume, variety and velocity are increasing by order of magnitude as part of big data. To scale, Pneuron intelligently distributes analytic (or other) processing to the data itself. Leveraging Pneuron’s technology solution designers can optimize application performance and extend the lifespan of existing application and infrastructure investmentsImage: Pneuron

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Pneuron Challenges

Pneuron's solution is wholly unconventional and could be difficult for many application architects to understand at first. Also, Pneuron does not fit into any established market categories – which could slow adoption cycles.Image: Pixabay

Who Should Care About Pneuron

“System architects and CIOs tasked with driving increased analytic application performance, extending the life of legacy applications and infrastructure, or diving headlong into big data implementations without an increased technology footprint or order of magnitude expense upturn should consider the unique value proposition of Pneuron,” Gartner said. “Also, system integrators looking to shift their clients' outlays toward services and away from infrastructure would be well advised to develop expertise with Pneuron.”Image: Pixabay

Thanks And More

Thanks to Gartner and the profiled cool vendors. For more galleries, please visit here.Image: iStock