Slideshow Cloud Computing: How to Keep Business Working Within IT Rules

  • October 10 2012, 1:15pm EDT

Here are six recommendations to keep cloud deployments from disrupting your governance plans, according to information professionals advocacy and support group, AIIM.

Keep Track of Your Users

Create and update a directory of SaaS, cloud and Web-based applications in use. With that, note end-user experience for any tweaks or application shifts that may suit the overall enterprise.

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Give Direction on File Sharing

Cloud-based file sharing may not be the most optimal method of collaboration when it comes to governance and firewalls, but it isn’t without value for business users. AIIM recommends establishing a policy that allows only enterprise-grade sharing applications, in particular avoiding free subscription services. Paid-for services typically carry better security, though ultimately, an enterprise-drive file sharing deployment is still preferred.

Form a Deployment Strategy

Bring IT and business leaders together at the table to consider general items for a cloud application strategy. Considerations include: IT cost; depreciation models; consolidation of subsidiary sites; mobile activities and access; SLA risk analysis; higher bandwidth and uptime charges; cloud roles in different content; and records management expectations.

Set a Priority Timeline

Create a phased move to the cloud on an application-by-application basis. During this process, monitor how deployments are handled and find ways it can be done better with upcoming applications.

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Consider Wider Access

The cloud may provide an opportunity for applications that reach a greater audience, even if it is outside of the firewall. Prioritize cloud-based applications for partners, customers and suppliers as it expands your business and collaboration reach.

Give a Second Thought to Archiving

Although they may not be at the front of all daily business operations and they bring along their own governance challenges, cloud applications for scanning and records archiving may carry some benefit in deployment. AIIM recommends to look at parallel options with “existing physical box-store arrangements, and also consider the combination of outsource scanning and capture to cloud.”

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