Slideshow Biggest BI Project Problems and Benefits

  • November 21 2012, 1:35pm EST
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Here are 5 key results from the world’s largest annual vendor-independent survey of BI and performance management, conducted by the Business Application Resource Center.

Top Business Intelligence Problems

In this year’s survey, “query performance” regained the dubious title of most commonly cited product-related problem. Last year’s top problem, “data quality,” dropped to third, while “lack of interest from business users” registered its highest ranking ever at no. 2.

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Biggest BI Benefits

According to the report authors, making better business decisions is an obviously desirable benefit of upgrading and installing BI projects. “However, it is a benefit that cannot be accurately scoped when developing the business case for a project. While all BI projects would hope to gain this benefit, few projects would be cost-justified against the possibility that it ‘might’ one day be achieved.”

Certain Benefits Reign

Visual and discovery tools, particularly from smaller and niche vendors, achieved the highest amount of desired user and business benefits, according to the survey. This reflects a continuing trend of “friendliness and flexibility” for end users.

Business Intelligence Roll-out Times

According to the survey: “Slow and late implementations are traditionally one of the biggest problems with many IT projects, including data warehousing and BI applications. ... The Survey found that 71 percent of projects are rolled out within six months. Project implementation time has slightly increased since last year, but we do not foresee a significant increase in the future.”

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Maturity Since 2007

There has been significant growth in BI usability between 2007 and this year, particularly among administration and management. There is also a clear increase in use across business departments, though to differing degrees.

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