Slideshow An “A” in Information Education

  • March 01 2012, 9:49am EST

University of Connecticut

At the Stamford campus, analytics is part of the marketing curriculum to address real-world business needs of chief marketing officers or the deep analytics of marketing strategies. For nearly a decade, the university has been using analytics tools derived from IBM’s acquisition of SPSS.

University of Virginia

In addition to student work on an M.S. degree in IT management and other data programs and degrees run through Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce, faculty are looking critically at the workplace demands for positions such as data scientist.

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Oklahoma State University

Dr. Goutam Chakraborty and fellow OSU faculty focus on digging through dirty data sets and building models from the ground up rather than quickly dated textbooks or canned programming.

Villanova University

The private Pennsylvania university has branched out its business intelligence programs and certifications over the last year. Since then, it has also made connections for studies with its nearby business community, like the development of BI software packages for Comcast’s glut of cable customer information.

Washington University in St. Louis

At the end of 2011, the university made a dedicated step up with its health care data studies with an expansion of its $12.5 million data center for genomics.

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Seton Hall University

Database and BI tool experience are part of a measured move to reignite student interest in useful data studies at the computing and decision sciences department in the Stillman School of Business at Seton Hall. There, the university is moving away from structured lectures and toward tinkering with SAP programs and BI software from InetSoft.

University of North Texas

Enterprise architecture studies under UNT professor of information systems Dr. Leon Kappelman take a holistic approach. Kappelman aims to dampen the importance of stovepiped system knowledge to drum up more IT communication, innovation and integration across enterprises. For further features, case studies and new on information and education, visit our specialty page here. And check out a previous slide show on schools finding success in BI education.