Slideshow Advantages to Flexible IT Staffing

  • October 31 2012, 9:02am EDT
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These are five advantages in opting for temporary or part-time workers, according to IT hiring firm Robert Half Technology.

Adjust Your Levels

Part-time and temporary hiring enables organizations to adjust staffing levels to the ebb and flow of business demands, giving a better handle on cost.

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Ease the Burden

With ongoing projects and scheduled ones to come, your present workforce may already be spread too thin.

Add the Expertise

Hiring on a limited or contract basis provides a way to handle special projects beyond the expertise of current staff. More and more professionals are drawn to interim work because of the flexibility and opportunity it provides, giving companies access to a deeper talent pool.

Increase Stability

Counter to the notion that new hires pose a threat to existing positions, temporary and part-time employees can provide stability to full-time workers. “Otherwise, these professionals may be subject to nerve-wracking cycles of hiring and layoffs as business needs fluctuate,” according to Robert Half staffing firm.

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Provide a Trial Period

If you are considering a new crop of full-time employees, temporary workers provide a trial period for potential new employees. During this part-time work or one-time project, you have the advantage of witnessing the person’s strengths.

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