Collibra Data Governance Center 4.0
Collibra Data Governance Center is a web-based collaborative data governance platform. It includes all key data governance functions, including a business semantics glossary, reference data accelerator and data stewardship manager, the MDM Institute notes. It has embedded metrics from Information Asset LLC and is supported by Cognizant and other major SIs.
Diaku (6).jpg
Now part of Informatica, Diaku features collaborative enterprise understanding. It is essentially a phone book of business data. Diaku features fast time to value for BCBS 239 and IDMP. It also comes with ‘all you can eat’ pricing, according to the MDM Institute.
IBM-Stewardship-Center (2).jpg
IBM Stewardship Center
IBM Stewardship Center features a common data governance layer across standard and enterprise MDM Server editions, according to the MDM Institute. Ultimately it will integrate with Guardium, Optim and others, and it has ongoing integration with BPM.
Informatica Data Director (IDD)
This product is good for robust MDM administration as a data steward console, the MDM Institute says. It features visualization of history and data lineage, master data dashboards for proactive monitoring of data quality, and dynamic masking of data for security. It supports a centralized architecture with direct input of master data.
Magnitude Data Governance Director (DGD)
Magnitude Data Governance Director has a strong business user focus and uses UBM methodology, explains the MDM Institute. It features flexible decision rights via mapping of roles and responsibilities, proactive workflow for data and processes, and is a policy-focused solution that includes remediation processes.
Orchestra Networks EBX5
Orchestra Networks is an integrated MDM/MDG/RDM product. It features master linkages between conceptual and physical, definitions and data, the MDM Institute explains. This product can be used as standalone for data governance or integrated with an MDM product. It offers support for third party governance operating models. Standard features include ontologies and taxonomies support, business glossary, metadata registry, governance policies and business rules.
SAP Master Data Governance (MDG)
Master Data Governance offers ready-to-use governance applications integrated with SAP ERP, according to the MDM Institute. It features a predefined and extensible data model, and has prebuilt and flexible workflows. It also features integration with HANA and BOBJ data quality.
Utopia has enjoyed strong growth in North America, according to the MDM Institute. It has SAP, Open Text and CAN partnerships. Utopia has multiple entry points for sales in migration, quality and governance and features full E2E lifecycle methodology, including assessment, strategy and roadmap.