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  • April 10 2015, 5:18pm EDT
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8 Things To Know About Apple Watch

The Apple Watch, Apple’s entry into the smartwatch market, is now on display in Apple Stories -- and online preorders have also started today (April 10). The device will be officially on sale April 24. Here are eight things to know about the Watch, which will start at $349.Photo: Bloomberg/file

1. The Size of the Smartwatch Market

A whopping 28.1 million smartwatches will be sold this year, Strategy Analytics predicts. Photo: Bloomberg/file

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2. Forecast For Apple’s Sales

Wall Street expects Apple to sell 14 million Watches in 2015, but Piper Jaffray predicts 2015 sales will be closer to 8 million units -- before building to 40 million to 50 million units by 2017 -- or 10 percent of Apple's revenue at that time, according to The Wall Street Journal.Photo: Bloomberg/file

3. Apple’s Projected Market Share

Apple Watch will grab 55 percent market share in 2015 (representing 15 million units), Strategy Analytics predicts.Photo: Bloomberg/file

4. How The Watch Could Improve Fitness

Remaining active is imperative to maintaining health and wellness. And while FitBits and Jawbones have revolutionized measuring physical activity, new innovations with the Apple Watch allow the device to sense even when users stand. “It may sound like a small thing, but sitting less can improve your health in significant ways,” Apple says.Photo: Bloomberg/file

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5. How The Watch Could Improve Health Monitoring

The customizable nature of the watch will give people an even easier way to monitor specific health concerns, enabling them to more easily track health indicators. For some, it could help monitor fitness levels, but developers are looking to use HealthKit and the Apple Watch to help patients and medical professionals regularly monitor and self-manage chronic illnesses.Photo: Bloomberg/file

6. How The Watch Could Improve Patient Tracking

Some U.S. hospitals are already looking at how Apple’s technology will providers do a better job of monitoring patients. An informal survey of top hospitals earlier this spring found that about two-thirds were rolling out pilot programs using Apple’s HealthKit service, or were discussing potential applications that could track data from patients with chronic conditions. Photo: Bloomberg/file

7. How The Watch Could Improve Financial Planning

With the increasing popularity of online investing tools, as well as robo-advisors, smartwatches could be useful tool in wealth management. Because stock quotes are a natural fit for the watch’s form factor, wearers will able to receive real-time financial information on the go.Photo: Bloomberg/file

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8. How The Watch Could Improve Business Efficiency

For industries in constant motion – and which aren’t these days – the Apple Watch will offer continuous communication that can be accessed by simply looking at arm. Hold up your wrist to read the message, or lower your arm to dismiss it. No more fumbling with phones or diverting attention from meetings. Photo: Bloomberg/file

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