These 7 new job roles will be critical in the war against cybercrime
It’s no secret that IT security jobs are the most in-demand of any category in technology. That is driving the creation of many new roles, as organizations seek to better identify threats and defend against them or mitigate their impact. In her recent blog, Gartner contributor Jill Beadle identifies seven hot new job titles destined to play a leading role in the efforts.
Counterespionage analyst<br/>
Counterespionage analyst
The responsibilities of this individual are to “identify, confuse or impede attackers through activities such as creating honeypots and tar pits, disseminating misinformation, coordinating with law enforcement for takedowns and reverse engineering malware,” Beadle explains.
Brand defender
This individual’s job is to “protect the organization’s brand through activities such as coordinating takedowns, anticipating and preventing typo squatting, monitoring social media, etc.,” Beadle says.
Incident detection innovator<br/>
Incident detection innovator
This individual is charged with developing “new and advanced incident detection techniques (e.g. security analytics) and [to] look for opportunities to automate and scale these efforts,” Beadle says.
Security strategist
The job of this individual is to “set security strategy and inform company strategy by considering the entire ecosystem of data, IT systems, regulations, security practices, cyber threats and business trends,” Beadle explains.
QA / Productivity expert / Process steward
This role of this individual is to “improve security hygiene and process efficiency by defining, implementing and monitoring process standards,” Beadle says.
Security PR / Marketing guru / Evangelist
Regardless of which title this individual is given, their job is to “create and improve security’s internal brand, and drive employee awareness throughout the organization,” Beadle says.
The role of the hunter is to “combine threat intelligence, business knowledge and technical expertise to uncover otherwise undetected security incidents,” Beadle says.