Slideshow 6 Smart Big Data Startups

  • July 19 2012, 6:24pm EDT
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FinTech Innovation Lab

All six startups are graduates of the 2012 FinTech Innovation Lab, created by the New York City Investment Fund and nurtured by Accenture, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, American Express, Bank of America, Barclays, Capital One, Citigroup, UBS, State Street, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan Chase and a host of venture funds.


The big idea?Produce a nearly frictionless means of allowing credit card holders to identify deceptive, erroneous and unauthorized line items on their bills and easily resolve any dispute with the merchant. The vendor helps card holders by compiling a ‘big data’ base from crowdsourcing – tweets, online discussions, complaint boards – to identify repetitive deceptive practices. Adds data from banks. Helps merchants save money by pricing its resolution services below what they would have to pay to a credit card processor for chargebacks.

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Centrifuge Systems

The big idea? Analyze links between different pieces of data. Finds relationships between particular people and particular activities. Creates interactive visual presentation of findings. Its form of link analysis. And the way it allows collaborative discovery of insights, from big data.

Eido Search

The big idea? Takes a time series of information – say 90 days of the CBOE Volatility Index – and looks for matches of the pattern in all available historical data. Then answers a query of exactly how much up or down the index (or stock or other security) can be expected to move in the next period.

Visible Market

The big idea?Creates dynamic, tactile maps of the stock market for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Colorful, “zoomable,’’ fluid interface shows ups and downs of 1,400 stocks and allows user to tap into deeper levels of information on each one.

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Digital Reasoning

The big idea? Turns unstructured data into data that machines can understand. Deep processing of unstructured data. Assembly and organization of results. Analysis and uncovering of relationships.

True Office

The big idea? Creates interactive games that be played by user anywhere at any time on any mobile device that pose regulatory compliance issues in friendly fashion, links to policies, tests on results.

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