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  • August 26 2015, 4:45pm EDT
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6 Machine Learning Giants to Watch

Six of the world's top cloud computing companies -- Amazon, Facebook, Google, IBM, Microsoft and -- continue to invest heavily in big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities. Here's a closer look at each company's efforts.

1. Amazon Machine Learning

Amazon is extending its big data cloud platform across Europe, and the online retailer has machine learning research groups in Bangalore, Seattle, Palo Alto and Berlin, The Wall Street Journal reported. CEO Jeff Bezos is obsessed with predictive analytics and artificial intelligence -- anything that can help Amazon to better forecast customer wants and needs before the trends ever become obvious to the casual observer. The Amazon Machine Learning platform also is available for customer use via Amazon Web Services.

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2. Facebook AI Research (FAIR)

Facebook's Artificial Intelligence Research project (FAIR) focuses on "giving people better ways to communicate." Some of Facebook's top AI researchers are Microsoft veterans, and those experts have a habit of sharing Facebook's knowledge. In fact, the social network has introduced a range of open source AI projects for customers and data scientists to leverage.

3. Google Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Much of Google's work on language, speech, translation and visual processing relies on machine learning and artificial intelligence, the search giant says. The effort, part of Research at Google, also includes customer-facing products. Google Cloud Platform's Prediction API, for instance, allows customers to "use Google's machine learning algorithms to analyze data and predict future outcomes using a familiar RESTful interface."

4. IBM Machine Learning

When it comes to machine learning and artificial intelligence at IBM, most folks think first of the Watson supercomputer effort. But Watson is only part of the story. IBM is working on a range of machine learning applications. The effort includes a Machine Learning Analytics department -- focused on health care and life science, text analytics and more. More and more of the applications are extending from IBM's on-premises hardware to the company's public cloud.

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5. Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

Much of Microsoft's Machine Learning effort involves the Azure cloud. Early adopters have improved their demand forecasting, resource optimization and product maintenance cycles, Microsoft says. For regular updates on the strategy. check out the MIcrosoft Azure Machine Learning Studio.

6. Salesforce Apex for Machine Learning continues to push beyond is cloud CRM heritage, introducing a range of developer and data scientist platforms. Keep a close eye on Machine Learning with Apex -- a key developer technology. Also, don't overlook's June 2015 buyout of Tempo --which may involve some AI goals. Finally, there's's Wave Analytics push, which will take on more and more AI and machine learning capabilities.

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