Cool vendors in performance analysis
Gartner has released its report on ‘cool vendors’ in the performance analysis space, which includes five global companies that bring advanced analytics and enhanced scalability to the performance management market.
“Indeni is cool because its product uses its clients' real-world data to build up a community-led knowledge base of best practices and common failures,” says Gartner analyst Vivek Bhalla. “The key benefits an enterprise can derive from Indeni's software include: turning community datasets into actionable knowledge; identifying and alerting on potentially impending issues in an automated manner; alerting when configuration of network devices stray from global best practices.”
Loom Systems
“Loom Systems is cool because, unlike most algorithmic IT operations (AIOps) platforms, it treats tribal, human-generated knowledge and feedback as a ‘first class citizen’ to make its machine-learning-generated insights all the more relevant and actionable,” says Gartner analyst Colin Fletcher. “While some forward-thinking AIOps platform vendors also include some elements of knowledge base utilization and recommendation engines to assist diagnosis and potential remediation, these capabilities are rarely automated and joined in a concerted manner.”
Netis (CrossFlow in the U.S.)
“Netis is cool because it uses all three primary network performance monitoring and diagnostics (NPMD) data sources (Simple Network Management Protocol [SNMP], flow and packet) in a balanced fashion,” says Gartner analyst Vivek Bhalla. “The key benefits an enterprise can derive from Netis' software include: network-based autodiscovery of service dependencies between application components; persona-oriented KPI monitoring for problem diagnosis, troubleshooting and service reporting; and one-click ad hoc report generation to record an entire process of drill-down analysis.”
“While all APM tools can tell you when your code breaks in production, OverOps (formerly Takipi) is cool due to its in-depth data collection capabilities that can tell you more precisely why it happened,” says Gartner analyst Cameron Haight. “In real time and without any code changes, OverOps displays the complete source code, objects, variables and values that caused an error or exception to be issued, and automatically detects code deployments and issues notifications when they introduce new errors. OverOps runs as a native agent and does not require code changes, binary dependencies or configuration changes.”
“SignalFx is cool in that it provides almost instantaneous/near-real-time, high-speed analysis of extremely large/web-scale volumes of performance metrics — capabilities critical to supporting the latest in application and infrastructure technologies (containers, microservice architecture, big-data-powered analytics, the Internet of Things [IoT]),” says Gartner analyst Colin Fletcher. “Analysis of data is based on AIOps technologies to provide: dynamic grouping by hosts, containers, applications or services, based on tagging; mapping relationships across applications and resources; near-real-time analysis of raw data stretching back a year or more; and pattern recognition.”