Cool vendors in data management
Gartner Group has released its report on "Cool vendors in data management." The vendors profiled all focus on solving challenges related to the efficient access to data and have embraced different approaches to connecting to, or collecting information.
Based in Dallas, “Gluent addresses the growing demand for the reuse of existing applications built against costly legacy RDBMS-based architectures when organizations implement new, less costly data platforms, essentially providing a semantic compatibility tier for legacy applications,” Gartner writes. “This has potential to both create new value while offering cost-optimization opportunities in platform rationalization. Gluent provides for both the movement of rapidly expanding new data and historical existing data to newer, less costly platforms, then presents the needed data back to existing applications in the forms required and expected.”
Based in Herzliya, Israel “Iguazio solves a pervasive problem of unifying different data workloads and data types — records, streams, objects and ‚les — all within the same high-performance engine,” Gartner explains. “Without iguazio, this problem is typically solved either by data virtualization or by a stack of products, each specializing in a particular capability. The iguazio solution is a single product with an innovative multi-model database engine, dense tiered storage, an embedded security layer and the enablement of real-time analytics.”
Rokitt Astra
Based in Jersey City, NJ, “Rokitt Astra is a data discovery system that enables the enterprise to understand its data relationships and how data is reused throughout an organization.,” Gartner says. “Through a unique visual representation that appears almost as an astronomy of data, Rokitt Astra shows how data clusters and orbits around each other. This visualization and insight capability is cool since nontechnical users can readily understand relationships such as interdependencies and their implications.”
Based in San Francisco, “Unlike other data integration platforms that need a full source and target schema specification at design time, StreamSets only requires you to specify the fields that are needed, thereby saving time and ensuring that the data flow pipelines or streams are more robust, since unrelated schema changes won't break the pipeline,” Gartner says. “StreamSets' platform is built to handle the unexpected changes in source and target schemas — a phenomenon the vendor calls data drift — in an automated manner.”
Based in Palo Alto, Calif., “Altiscale provided a turnkey Hadoop-as-a-service in the cloud that sought to eliminate the inelasticity and complexity of on-premises deployments and operational learning curves associated with do-it-yourself cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS),” Gartner writes. The research included Altiscale in the report as a ‘Where are they now’ entry. “SAP acquired Altiscale to offer Hadoop as a Service in September 2016 to introduce a Hadoop and Spark offering to its Big Data solutions lineup, complement its cloud application development platform, and integrate with SAP Hana and SAP Vora. Altiscale is now available as SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Services.”