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  • February 22 2012, 6:43pm EST
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‘Business Intelligence’ Doesn’t Register

In describing the terms used for analysis of business information, “analytics” was the most frequently used term by business executives, with “reporting” coming in at a close second. “Business intelligence” was selected by just 47 percent of executive respondents.

BI Sticking to Basics

When asked to provide the styles and problems that BI was used for, the majority of respondents still stuck with basic applications. In responses that included multiple selections, traditional reporting and charts/graphs led the way (both 73 percent), followed by scorecards and dashboards (53 percent), and then more sophisticated BI such as predictive analytics (40 percent) and advanced analytics (40 percent).

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The Big Variety Challenge

Looking at big data capabilities over the next 12 to 24 months, the variety of data types is expected to pose a bigger issue than the size or speed of data sets, according to the survey. Three-fourths of respondents felt their infrastructure was “adequate” to handle the increasing amount of data being collected and analyzed, and 69 percent felt their enterprise BI was ready for the speed of data collections. However, only 39 percent felt they could properly take in and analyze the diverse sources of data.

Top BI Challenges are Non-Technical

The lack of managerial support compared with other IT and business projects ranked as the top challenge facing BI initiatives. Other leading BI problems included the absence of BI strategy/roadmap, the need to measure business value, and inadequate involvement from the C-suite, according to the survey.

BI Implementations Still Forming

Across the SMBs and large companies represented in the survey, only 14 percent indicated having BI integration supported by an enterprise data warehouse. Forty-two percent cited at least partial coordination with projects and data across departments. As far as maturity, larger businesses (50 percent) were engaged in developing enterprise BI, while their smaller counterparts (38 percent) were likely just getting started.

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