Slideshow 5 Information Trends to be Thankful For

  • November 20 2012, 8:37am EST

Here are five areas where new modalities of computing have changed the landscape for businesses that are increasingly bringing analytical capabilities to market.

Cloud Computing

The service market for software, infrastructure and tools started slower than some expected but is now growing toward widespread institutional use. By 2016, Saugatuck Technology predicts 75 percent of all new enterprise spending will be based in the cloud.

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Mobile Technology

As the application space for business technology migrates more and more to iPads and other smart devices, business intelligence and productivity tools are becoming more common in the hands of on-the-go users. The Business Application Research Center predicts mobile business intelligence usage alone will triple in the coming year.

Social Technology

Social and collaborative technology is now becoming interwoven into departmental use and in sales, marketing and customer service. IDC’s Vanessa Thompson says it won’t be long before social and collaborative products will cease to be their own software category and will instead be viewed as embedded services in the application portfolio.

In-Memory Data

Advances in hardware, software and compression technologies mean high volumes of information once accessed from arrays of disk drives and other media can now reside in main memory for instant retrieval and use. The breathtaking responsiveness and capacity of in-memory is seen in computing advancements such as IBM’s Watson and SAP’s HANA database.

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Big Data

Innovative technologies and open source frameworks for gathering and querying vast, fast moving and complex amounts of information have taken root in businesses and captured the imagination of technologists seeking new insights that were never before possible. Big data technology fits the other four themes already mentioned and Gartner predicts 4.4 million big data related jobs will arrive by 2015.

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