Slideshow 40 Vendors We're Watching 2012: Database

  • September 13 2012, 4:40pm EDT
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What: Cloud-based data warehouse and analytic reporting/services Why: A Web-based spreadsheet running on many servers with hundreds of billions of rows may sound like a nightmare, but 1010data has customers are doing it. Not Hadoop, not open source nodes, it’s cloud-based analysis and reporting combining self-service sharing and collaboration in a visual interactive Web interface with ad hoc query capabilities. Where: New York, NY Of Note: Customers include NYSE, Sonic, Dollar General. Born in the 1990s financial arena, 1010data has expanced to retail/CPG and currently claims more than 5 trillion records and thousands of tables in its data cloud. Among the smaller competitors in warehouse database management, Gartner calls them a challenger.

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What: Rules driven apps on analytical database Why: Actian is banking on mainstream demand bleeding into the business with a new strategy where users build “Action Apps,” consumer style interfaces that trigger business rules to automate productivity. Pick an activity, set a threshold and trigger an action. Uses record-breaking Vectorwise SQL database to make it happen. Where: Redwood City, CA Of Note: Actian is Ingres reborn with suddenly bigger plans (and a takeover bid for last year’s “40 Vendors” nominee Pervasive Software. Partners embed Actian to unlock and act on Web activity. Clients include University of Oxford, Sheetz, Adeo.


What: “New”SQL cloud relational database management system Why: A “new approach with a familiar interface, Nuo keeps the SQL and ACID transactions, but layers it on a distributed database. An elastic rethink of relational based on a cloud of distributed computers rather than a single system. General availability comes later this year, putting it at the confluence of big data and cloud interest. Where: Cambridge, MA Of Note: More than 1,000 developers poked around the beta version of the DB offering; CEO and Founder Barry Morris has a pedigree of success in past storage system ventures, leading StreamBase and Ireland’s IONA Technologies.


What: High performance analytic database platform Why: Buyouts and big vendor entries abound in analytics, but ParAccel marches to its own successful beat of performance, extensibility, on demand integration, MPP, cloud and in-memory configurations. With no obvious need for a suitor, ParAccel upped its brand and analytic identity with enhancements through the year, including services and extensions to complement and support competing releases from Teradata and Oracle. Where: Campbell, CA Of Note: Tailored an offering for the Apache Hadoop framework and held up the back-end of a BI solution in conjunction with Birst. Q1 2012 was the largest period of revenue and funding growth ever at the vendor. Took its Analytic Platform into the cloud. Customers include CARFAX, Moody’s and Home Depot.

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What: Geographically distributed SQL database Why: Uptime all the time, everywhere. “Nodes around the world” make up the TransLattice Application Platform or TAP. “They took distributed computing concepts and they put a database on top if it as opposed to taking a database and trying to figure out how to distribute it,” our source remarks, with instant backup, streamed, synched and replicated. Where: Santa Clara, CA Of Note: Awards a go go. Finalist in the Golden Bridge Awards for Most Innovative Company. Technology Industry's 2012 World's Best Award for Data Center, one of the Most Innovative Startups by Dow Jones' VentureWire, Frank Huerta Named as of of the Top 19 Third-party Execs To Keep an Eye On. 25 New IT Companies to Watch (CIO). 25 hot products from new IT companies (Network World). Under the Rader as one of 16 Hot Startup Companies in 2011. Not under the radar anymore.


What: Scale out ACID in-memory DB Why: A “NewSQL” database to combine the proven power of relational processing with speed, linear scalability and full fault tolerance. Open source, multicluster, in-memory, nothing shared. For performance applications such as capital markets, financial trade, telco and sensor-based networks. Where: Billerica, MA Of Note: Designed by DBMS pioneer Mike Stonebraker for organizations and partners that have reached the price/performance limitations of general purpose SQL databases. Customers and partners include Actuate, Booyah, Bursa Malaysia, Cloudera, GETCO, Hortonworks, JasperLabs, Jaspersoft, Shopzilla, Yahoo!

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