Slideshow 40 Vendors We're Watching 2012: BI

  • September 13 2012, 3:50pm EDT
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What: Data analysis on open source hosted cloud Why: Desktop to cloud strategic workflow and analytics is their business, but it’s geographic enabled intelligence that makes them spatial. Location, POS mail list to micro marketing with point-and-click interface ease of use, self-service data extraction, cleansing and automated reporting. Some are calling it “big data integration for dummies.” Where: Irvine, CA Of Note: The U.S. government utilized Alteryx to create the 2010 U.S. census data sets. Clients include DQ, AT&T and Chipotle.

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What: Cloud-based BI Why: A first mover in a logical service category, this outfit went a step farther by integrating dashboards, enterprise reporting, data warehousing, ETL and ad hoc queries into one suite. Going mobile? Birst brings dashboards and analytics to the iPad in an interactive app. Besides its original (SaaS) deployment model there is now a software virtual appliance for those who want to take it home. Where: San Francisco, CA Of Note: This year, Birst was included on JMP Security’s list of Hot 100 Software Companies, and took a 2012 Cloud Award for Data Innovation of the Year. Twenty-six million in series D financing this year.


What: Real-time operational intelligence Why: Don’t we all want to take advantage of a tighter “decision window”? Dashboards connecting to live data sources, KPIs, metrics and actionable intelligence are modern tools for the working manager. A point and connect tool, collaboration, anywhere access and the bold name “Presto.” Where: Chevy Chase, MD Of Note: Enterprise and government customers include Qualcomm, Diebold, GE, Banamex, Elsevier, Random House, NASA, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army.


What: BI analysis, reporting, monitoring Why: We’ve known these guys forever, so what gives? From free edition giveaways to cloud to “social intelligence” alerting and customer segmentation to “the Internet’s Third Act” (mobility), no one has done a better job of grabbing the next wave and understanding how to communicate it from the customer point of view. Their customers have told us so. Where: Tyson’s Corner, VA Of Note: Users include Lowes, Herbalife, Novation,, Guess?, Telefonica and the U.S. Postal Service and Amerisource Bergen. Top rated mobility platform in a Howard Dresner survey.

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What: Mobile real-time analytics and presentation Why: Me, me, me! Everyone in the C-suite wants business insight in the palm of their hands, giving Roambi and parent company MeLLmo an open-door proposition. Ranks high with analysts and has analytic apps reaching into Excel with authentication to allow IT security officers to sleep more soundly. Where: San Diego, CA Of Note: Accolades include Ventana Research’s leadership honors. Management includes visualization and BI alums who left companies scooped up by Business Objects and Oracle. Partnered offerings include Hitachi and


What: BI software with data warehouse integration Why: New users like a fast learning curve into dashboards at the front and in-memory performance behind. Prism development platform employs customized controls and widgets more than coding. Outputs are reports that are clean and straightforward. Where: Redwood Shores, CA Of Note: Sales tripled in 2011 over the previous year, and the product line now includes a help desk system and support for Microsoft SQL Azure. Leadership now includes Bruno Aziza, former BI director at Microsoft. Maersk, Caterpillar and Target are customers.


What: Collaborative BI tools and platform Why: Elevating BI usefulness while keeping it simple is where the industry is going, and Yellowfin is gathering a reputation for both with interactive dashboards, easy to navigate interfaces and no coding. Where: Melbourne, Australia Of Note: Claims more than a million end users, 10s of thousands of clients in 50 countries. Top ranking among emerging vendors in Howard Dresner's Global BI Vendor Study - Wisdom of Crowds, award winning location intelligence. Lots of awards and recognitions.

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