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25 top master data management products
The MDM Institute has offered its picks on the top MDM solutions. Yesterday Information Management explored the first 11 products on the list. Today we look at the remaining products.
Pitney Bowes Spectrum MDM v11
Pitney Bowes Spectrum MDM is a single unified framework for E2E customer data management and analytical solutions. It is a cloud/SaaS offering with natural language search/UI for customer data. Thee product features data integration, data quality, data federation governance and analytics.
Profisee Master Data Maestro v5.0
Profisee Master Data Maestro is a full function master data management hub, with adjunct MDM hub for ‘other domains’ in duology context. It scales MSFT MDS up, with improved performance and availability via clustered architecture. The product features built-in workflow and data governance, and strong ‘single view’ golden record management.
Reltio 2016.1
Reltio features both MDM for IT and data-driven apps with mobile UI for business users. It is cloud-based and multi-domain, and adds big data scale using a hybrid columnar and graph store. The product offers ‘Data as a Service’ to access third party data for inter-enterprise sharing. It has built-in visualization and analytics, and seamless integration and synch with Apache Spark.
Riversand MDMCenterv7.6.8
Riversand offers build-in data quality and data governance features. It has a multi-entity MDM focus for product, supplier, material and location. It is a singular, modular, highly-integrated solution, with deep comprehensive PIM functionality. This includes well-integrated search, digital asset management, workflow, and print publishing.
SAP Master Data Governance (MDG) v8.0
This is the flagship MDM hub to replace SAP NW MDM. The long-term strategy of SAP is HANA-based services for MDM, data quality, data governance, etc. This product has proven high-end performance with HANA, prebuilt and extensible data model, and multi-mode data replication.
SAS takes a graduated approach to MDM, with data quality to data governance, to MDM. This product offers quick time-to-value, with no per-record or per-domain charges. It has a flexible data model that is domain-neutral and multi-entity based.
Semarchy Convergence for MDM 3.3
This product offers strong multi-entity, multi-domain, multi-styles support. Its integrated platform covers all critical MDM functions. It has an agile ‘evolutionary’ MDM approach that is value-driven and iterative. It features a UX vision and data governance roadmap, and ‘proof of value’ to start MDM programs.
Software AG webMethods OneData v9.2
This product is fully-integrated multi-domain, and features multiple architectural styles and use cases in one instance. It has agile data modeling and dynamic domain linkage. It also has sophisticated, governed hierarchy management and a full lifecycle with data governance framework.
Stibo STEP Trailblazer 8.1
STEP Trailblazer offers deep functionality for PIM that is comprehensive and well-integrated. It has PIM scalability and Golden Record for product. The product has multi-entity MDM focus and consistent product strategy. It has manufacturing, CPG, distribution, retail and automotive expertise, and vertical add-ons.
Talend Enterprise MDM v6
This product features XML-based MDM with non-intrusive SOA. It offers multi-entity MDM support and handles all standard architectures and use cases, including transactional, analytical, MDM with big data, etc. It has commercial open source expertise and a business model for open source data integration.
Teradata MDM s.x
This product features single code base for multi-domain analytical and operational MDM. It offers full lifecycle and process flows for multi-entity support. It has a consolidated EDW and MDM platform and focus on RDM for DW. The product integrates with Teradata DB, Profiler, Customer Interaction Manager, and Hadoop.
This product features full lifecycle and process flows for multi-entity support and reference data. It has multi-hub, multi-application MDM with templates for many domains. It offers active data governance via integrated BPM/workflow for collaborative authoring and orchestration.
Vinculum Vin MDM
This is a multi-domain MDM product with flexible deployment modes and architecture. It features full lifecycle and process flows for multi-domain support and reference data. It offers active data governance via integrated workflow for distributed collaborative authoring and orchestration.
VisionWare MultiVue v5
This product offers analytical-capable and operational-focused MDM. It is multi-domain, including people, property and assets. It has strong expertise for the healthcare and insurance industries, and offers sophisticated yet well-packaged core MDM functionality.
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