Slideshow 25 Top Degree Programs for Data Analytics Professionals, Part 2

  • December 03 2015, 5:43am EST
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25 Top Degree Programs for Data Analytics Professionals, Part 2

Some recent surveys hailed 2015 as the year of the data scientist, and suggest we can expect another great year in 2016. For those wanting to cash in on the craze, these top degree programs may be your ticket to success.

25 Top Degree Programs for Data Analytics Professionals, Part 2

What makes for a great degree program in analytics? It starts with a solid foundation in solving real-world business problems with data analytics. Top degree programs often have partnerships with leading national companies, and pair students with such companies for project work or internships. We continue our look at 25 of the top data-related degree programs in the United States, listed alphabetically.

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North Carolina State University

North Carolina State UniversityLocation: Raleigh, NCSchool: Institute for Advanced AnalyticsDegree: Master of Science in AnalyticsFull-time program: 10 monthsWebsite: More: Students are taught real-world skills in applied mathematics, statistics, computer science and business disciplines. Initial classes concentrate on tools and foundations. Subsequent classes focus on data mining, advanced modeling and geospatial analytics.

Northwestern University

Northwestern UniversityLocation: Evanston, ILSchool: School of Continuing Studies and McCormick School of Engineering and Applied ScienceDegree: Online Master of Science in Predictive Analytics and Master of Science in AnalyticsFull-time program: The MSiA is full-time, lasting 15 monthsWebsite: This online program is composed of 10 courses and offers seven areas of specialization, including database and Internet technologies, information system security, project management, information systems management, medical informatics, information systems, and analytics and business intelligence.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteLocation: Troy, NYSchool: Lally School of ManagementDegree: Master in Business AnalyticsFull-time program: 12 monthsWebsite: This program is designed to provide hands-on experience through real-world problem solving. The curriculum offers a balance between foundational business concepts with skills in analytical and statistical modeling and data management. Academic partnerships with IBM and SAS will allow students to access a suite of software tools from these firms. A capstone course enables students to apply their learned skills to real-world problems in organizations

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Rutgers University

Rutgers UniversityLocation: New Brunswick, NJSchool: Graduate School, Professional Science Masters ProgramsDegree: Master of Business and Science, Concentration in AnalyticsFull-time program: 1.5-2 yearsWebsite: Students can incorporate online learning into a Master of Business and Science Degree in Analytics – Discovery Informatics and Data Science. Most of the classes are held in traditional classroom, but some online courses are available in this 42-credit-hour degree.

Stanford University

Stanford UniversityLocation: Stanford, CASchool: Department of StatisticsDegree: Master of Science in Statistics: Data ScienceFull-time program: 45 creditsWebsite: Because this program is collaboration between Stanford’s Department of Statistics and Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering, the core curriculum is very heavy on mathematics and computer programming.

University of California

University of CaliforniaLocation: Berkeley, CASchool: School of InformationDegree: Online Master of Information and Data Science (MIDS)Full-time program: 12-20 monthsWebsite: The degree is composed of 27 credit hours. Online classes include student-teacher interaction and students can learn at their own pace.

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University of Cincinnati

University of CincinnatiLocation: Cincinnati, OHSchool: Lindner College of BusinessDegree: Master of Science in Business AnalyticsFull-time program: 9 months-1 yearWebsite: For those interested in healthcare analytics, the College of Allied Health Sciences at University of Cincinnati has a Master of Science in Health Informatics that can be completed in one year online. Core classes focus on project management, database modeling and design, and the degree is rounded out with a capstone project.

University of Connecticut

University of ConnecticutLocation: Hartford, CTSchool: School of Business, Department of Operations and Information ManagementDegree: Master of Science in Business Analytics and Project ManagementFull-time program: 1-1.5 yearsWebsite: Definitely targeted to the working IT professional, classes are held at night and on weekends. Some online courses are also available. The program currently has a technology partnership with SAS and works closely with IBM.

University of Maryland

University of MarylandLocation: College Park, MDSchool: Robert H. Smith School of BusinessDegree: Master of Science in Marketing AnalyticsFull-time program: 9 monthsWebsite: This program was launched in the fall of 2013, and aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the mathematical and statistical models and tools needed to analyze customer data in marketing.

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University of San Francisco

University of San FranciscoLocation: San Francisco, CASchool: College of Arts and SciencesDegree: Master of Science in AnalyticsFull-time program: 1 yearWebsite: This interdisciplinary program helps students master the methods and technologies related to strategic decisions; to develop technical skills such as software development and statistical analysis; and the skills needed to effectively communicate analytics insights.

University of Tennessee

University of TennesseeLocation: Knoxville, TNSchool: College of Business Administration, Statistics, Operations and Management ScienceDegree: Master of Science in Business AnalyticsFull-time program: 17 monthsWebsite: The program can be taken online anywhere, and completed in approximately 17 months. The business concentration covers databases and data warehouses, data mining, and advanced queries and business reports.

University of Texas

University of TexasLocation: Austin, TXSchool: Red McCombs School of BusinessDegree: Master of Science in Business AnalyticsFull-time program: 12 monthsWebsite: This is an intensive one-year program intended for recent graduates with quantitative and technical backgrounds. The program has industry relationships with top companies such as Deloitte, Walmart, IBM, and AT&T. It offers workshops in applications for analytics, and electives choices in marketing, supply chain, and finance.

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University of Virginia

University of VirginiaLocation: Charlottesville, VASchool: Data Science InstituteDegree: Master of Science in Data ScienceFull-time program: 11 monthsWebsite: This new program (launched in 2014) is an intensive Master’s degree program designed to get students (back) into the workforce quickly. It runs from early July until mid-May of the next year. The Institute also has a Big Data Fellows program which enables students from other disciplines in the university to work on data-driven projects.

But, wait, there's more!

This list of 25 top data degree programs is based on formal study rankings, top college and university profiles, recruiter and hiring manager recommendations, and reputation in the industry. Information Management has compiled a list of the "next" 25 top programs from those same criteria. That second listing will appear as part three to this series.