Slideshow 2012 Summer Reading on BI, Leadership, Cloud and Data Management

  • June 20 2012, 2:54pm EDT

Cloud Computing for Enterprise Architectures

“It is critical for us to gain an enterprise perspective of cloud computing. Viewing cloud platforms as extensions of IT enterprises empowers us to creatively evolve our ecosystems to encompass cloud-based resources, as they prove themselves to better increase our business requirements fulfillment potential.” – authors Zaigham Mahmood and Richard Hill

Leadership Caffeine: Ideas to Energize Your Professional Development

Art Petty, a long-time management thought leader (and Information Management blogger) serves up more than 80 brief, power-packed and idea-filled essays for topics ranging from surviving tough days to dealing with power and politics, building high performance teams, strengthening decision-making skills and pursuing greatness as a leader. In every essay, he offers practical ideas, thought-prompters and some "kick in the seat-of-the-pants" motivation for professionals interested in taking their personal, team and organizational performance to the next level.

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Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques

Data mining is heating up, and in this third edition, authors Jiawei Han, Micheline Kamber and Jian Pei add to their theory and practice of discovering patterns hidden in large data sets. There is more info on data warehouses and data cube technology, and mining data from streams, social networks, multimedia and other complex sources.

Everything is Obvious (*Once You Know the Answer)

In his book, Duncan J. Watts, sociologist and network science pioneer, “touts the prediction prowess of electronic markets that consolidate the wisdom of crowds. For both PM and opinion inquiries, according to the author, simple models perform indistinguishably from complex ones, and ensembles that average many predictions – either individual or analytic – are preferred,” according to analytics expert and blogger Steve Miller.

Systems Assurance

Linking the spread of information all the way back to Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press, OMG Software Assurance Ecosystem contributors Nikolai Mansourov and Djenana Campara focus on standards as a way to make computers and their myriad networks and systems safer.

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Data and Reality: A Timeless Perspective on Perceiving and Managing Information in Our Imprecise World

Databases have come a long way since 1978. But, with updates and commentary in this third edition from data modeling thought leader Steve Hoberman, “Data and Reality” provides insights “whether you are a 1970s data-processing expert or a modern-day business analyst, data modeler, database administrator, or data architect.”

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