Slideshow 2010 Innovative Solution Awards

  • November 18 2010, 12:00am EST
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The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company with Teradata In a spend management initiative that used technology from Teradata, Goodyear Tire & Rubber´s procurement department expectes project payback in three years with savings of $3.5 million to $5.5 million. One initiative within the program to analyze and adjust global payment terms for direct material purchases has realized a cash flow benefit of nearly $4 million with potential additional improvements of $5 million expected by the end of 2010. "This is a story of combined solutions for well defined goals with good results. It addresses the tough challenge of strategic sourcing at the global level." - Julie Langenkamp, editor-in-chief Read more here.


Smith & Nephew with Informatica A program that applied technology from Informatica helped Smith & Nephew revolutionize the way the company thinks about data and how to apply it for competitive advantage. Among the initiative´s immediate successes was a data cleanup that flagged inactive and duplicate customers. The company now saves $100,000 for every customer mailing campaign, and $1 million in missed opportunity over the customer lifetime. "This solution applies lean principles to data integration, data quality and master data governance for multiple benefits to the organization." - Valerie Valentine, senior editor Read more here.

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VSP Vision Care with Verint Witness Actionable Solutions VSP Vision Care is the largest not-for-profit vision benefits and services company in the United States, with more than 55 million members and over 26,000 doctors. Since implementing Impact 360, VSP Vision Care has improved its contact center handle times, CSR availability and shift scheduling, resulting in approximately $3 million saved in the first year alone. "This is a nice, integrated solution with documented substantial benefits." - Jim Ericson, editorial director Read more here.


U.S. Xpress with Informatica Using the Informatica Platform, U.S. Xpress cut the percentage of time its trucks stand idle from more than 80 percent to just over 50 percent, providing ROI in only three months. The data governance solution improves the stability of U.S. Xpress´ vehicle maintenance system through data profiling and saves more than one million dollars each year. "This is a good success story of joint responsibility for quality, integrated data - the data owners were put in the `driver´s seat´ of data quality." - Julie Langenkamp, editor-in-chief Read more here.


Den-Mat with Den-Mat, a leader in the global aesthetic dental industry , consolidated customer information in Salesforce´s Sales Cloud 2, enabling customized dashboards to show key business metrics in real time. Customer service issues can be resolved more quickly through improved communication and information sharing across the organization, enabling Den-Mat to meet internal goal of solving customers´ problems within 24 hours. "This is a good modern provisioning/service story." - Jim Ericson, editorial director Read more here.

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Clipper WindPower with Datastay Clipper WindPower, a manufacturer of wind turbines, achieved the ability to be more responsive to customer and market dynamics and demands, improving the ability to gather information and execute more frequent planning cycles while avoiding traditional annual cycles. With Datastay, they identify problems earlier on in the product development process and determine the necessary actions to correct it. "This is an example of a clear plan for a tailored solution with a focus on standards -resulting in a variety of benefits for the organization." - Valerie Valentine, senior editor Read more here.


Segmetrix with Kognitio Segmetrix developed to put the job of matching, cleansing and de-duplication into the hands of the users, and the service has radically changed the way lists can be compiled, cleansed, matched and de-duplicated. Segmetrix delivers through Kognitio´s Data Warehousing as a Service offering. It is achieving full ROI six months after the service went live. "This is a good Web model that is blazing a bit of trail." - Jim Ericson, editorial director Read more here.