Slideshow 15 Ways to Mind Your Business Manners

  • April 23 2012, 9:13am EDT
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1. Don’t send a LinkedIn invitation without personalizing the note. (OK, this one was mine. It’s the height of laziness to skip this common-sense and common-courtesy step.)

2. If someone facilitates an e-introduction, thank the person who introduced you and take the initiative to reach out to the person you’ve been introduced to. Don’t let these go stale.

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3. Jamming business cards into people’s hands at networking events isn’t networking. Introduce yourself, ask about the other party and listen.

4. One conversation at a time in group settings. Always. Forever. Always.

5. Say “thank you” constantly and mean it. Say it in person, via email, in social media settings … everywhere.

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6. We all know that “Thank You” in your email signature is in your email signature. There’s something less genuine about that. Type it out yourself so it doesn’t look like you put it in your email signature because you’re too lazy to type it out!

7. Auto DM messages on Twitter are generally not appreciated and frankly, they feel disingenuous.

8. Executive Recruiters, we know you work for yourself first, the client second and the candidate not at all. However, you have a professional obligation to loop back with candidates. These are people’s lives and livelihoods you are dealing with here.

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9. HR Managers and Hiring Executives, see the comment on Executive Recruiters and follow up.

10. For all of us: quit “effing” around with the smartphone when you are SUPPOSED TO BE ENGAGING with (listening to, talking with) other humans.

11. Beware overuse of “I” in your conversations. Every “I” is amplified 10 decibels above your other words and after a few, we grow deaf to your message.

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12. The third stall on the right (or any stall) in any restroom is not the place to hold a phone conversation.

13. Listen better.

14. Smile more.

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15. Walk into a room and portray a demeanor of “You’re here and I’m honored to see you,” instead of the royal, “I’m here and you should be honored to see me.” Trust me, we sense which one you are portraying.

The Bottom Line for Now

Courtesy given freely and genuinely pays handsome dividends many times over. What a great investment! Let’s bring professional courtesy back.And to those of you who stop by to read and to share your wisdom, Thank You. -Art For more on leadership from Art, click here to check out his regular blog. For an article on problems with social networking in the workplace, click here. All images used with permission from ThinkStock and Wiki Commons.