Slideshow 12 leading niche vendors in the BI and analytics market

  • February 28 2017, 6:02am EST
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The Niche Players

Niche Players do well in a specific segment of the BI and analytics platform market — such as cloud BI, customer-facing analytics, agile reporting and dashboarding, embed-ability or big data integration — or have a limited capability to innovate or outperform other vendors. They may focus on a specific domain or aspect of BI, but are likely to lack depth of functionality elsewhere. They may also have gaps relating to broader platform functionality, or have less-than-stellar customer feedback. Alternatively, Niche Players may have a reasonably broad BI platform, but limited implementation and support capabilities or relatively limited customer bases (such as in a specific geography or industry). In addition, they may not yet have achieved the necessary scale to solidify their market positions.


“Alteryx offers a workflow-based platform for data preparation and building of parameterized analytic applications,” Gartner says. “The company's origins in location and geoanalytics have proved to be a differentiator, along with its advanced analytic capabilities (discussed in depth in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for data science). Alteryx is widely used in combination with other modern BI and analytic products (particularly Tableau), but also as an end-to-end analytic application as well as formatted, scheduled reports. With the Alteryx Server, data modelers can create interactive, parameterized dashboards published on-premises or in the cloud via the Analytics Gallery.”

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“Birst provides a full range of data management and analytic capabilities on multitenant cloud architecture through a software as a service (SaaS)-based delivery model,” Gartner says. “Birst Enterprise Cloud can be deployed in a public or private cloud or in a customer's data center; and for organizations that are not willing or able to adopt a cloud-based BI solution, the same underlying product — branded as Birst Enterprise Virtual Appliance — is offered for on-premises deployments.”

Board International

“Board delivers a single, integrated system that provides BI, analytics and corporate performance management (CPM) capabilities in a hybrid in-memory self-contained platform,” Gartner explains. “The focus is to deliver a single and unified information platform as a basis for analytics, planning and budgeting, and consolidation. Board is based in Switzerland; its main market is Europe, with subsidiaries in Europe, North America and Asia/Pacific. It supports clients in South America through its partners. Board's investments in expansion have paid off, with growth across all regions and in particular in the North American market. Board established a new international headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S., during 4Q16.”


“Datameer specializes in big data analytics, targeting organizations investing in data lakes and other types of big data environments supporting analytics,” Gartner says. “The company offers a modern BI and analytics front end with the potential to solve complex problems (leveraging the native query engines for Hadoop and Spark) and with support for an expanding range of connectors to other types of data (including SQL-based data stores, digital interaction sources and sensor data). As of December 2016, the company has received $76.7 million in venture capital funding.”

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“Domo is a cloud-based interactive dashboard platform aimed at senior executives and line-of-business users,” Gartner explains. “Domo enables rapid deployment by leveraging its native cloud architecture, an extensive set of data connectors and prebuilt content, and an intuitive, modern user experience. Because Domo is primarily used by business people for management-style dashboards, and is often deployed in lines of business with little or no support from IT, a higher percentage of its customer references report using it primarily for decentralized use cases than is the case for most other vendors in this Magic Quadrant.”

Information Builders

“Information Builders sells multiple components of its integrated WebFOCUS BI and analytics platform (including InfoAssist+, App Studio, Business Intelligence Portal, Pro Server, Active Technologies, Magnify, Mobile Faves, Performance Management Framework and RStat),” Gartner says. “For this Magic Quadrant, Gartner has only evaluated InfoAssist+. While Information Builders is known for delivering analytic applications to large numbers of mainstream users in more operational or customer-facing roles (including deployments exceeding 1 million users), InfoAssist+ is positioned for authors who want more than an information consumption experience.”

Logi Analytics

Logi Analytics' BI platform is composed of Logi Info, Vision and DataHub. “Logi Analytics is known for its Logi Info product — its ability to embed analytic content in websites and applications, and to enable end-user organizations to extend their BI access externally to customers, partners and suppliers,” Gartner says. “For this Magic Quadrant, however, Gartner evaluated Logi Suite, the combination of Logi Vision, Logi Info and DataHub. Logi Vision is the company's data discovery tool, which enables business users to prepare, analyze and share data. Logi's DataHub is a data preparation and columnar data store that ingests, blends and enriches data from multiple sources. There is a tight integration between Info and Vision, both of which use DataHub to deliver self-service data preparation.”

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“Oracle offers a broad range of BI and analytic capabilities, both on-premises and in the Oracle cloud,” Gartner notes. “Oracle Data Visualization (ODV), Oracle's modern BI offering, is available as part of the Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS) as a stand-alone cloud service, a desktop offering or as an optional component to Oracle Business Intelligence 12c deployed on-premises. Oracle Big Data Analytics (introduced in February 2015) is a Hadoop-based data exploration and data science platform that is too early in terms of market traction to be assessed. ODV (the focus of this Magic Quadrant) offers integrated data preparation, data discovery (with advanced exploration) and interactive dashboards via a single design tool supporting both desktop and web-based authoring.”


Pentaho is a Hitachi Group company. “The Pentaho platform offers a range of functionality across data preparation, self-service and advanced analytics, with a particular focus on big data access and integration,” Gartner says. “Mature data access and data transformation capabilities are provided by Pentaho Data Integration (PDI), and advanced analytic capabilities by its Data Science Pack. In late 2016, Pentaho released version 7.0, which combined its data integration and business analytics servers.”

Pyramid Analytics

“Pyramid Analytics offers a modern BI and analytics platform with a broad and balanced range of analytics capabilities, including ad hoc analysis, interactive visualization, analytic dashboards, mobile, collaboration, automated distribution and alerts,” Gartner says. “The solution is well-suited to governed data discovery through features such as BI content watermarking, reusability and sharing of datasets, metadata management and data lineage. As of December 2016, the company has received $41.5 million of venture capital funding.”

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ThoughtSpot makes its first appearance in this year's Magic Quadrant. The company was founded in 2012, launched in mid-2014, and was nominated a Cool Vendor by Gartner in 2016. “ThoughtSpot's main differentiator is its search-based interface to visual exploration; several of the company's founders come from Google.” Gartner explains. As of December 2016, the company has 135 employees and has received $100 million of venture capital funding.


“Yellowfin delivers a single, web-based BI and analytics platform with several innovative capabilities in collaboration features, storytelling, and a tightly integrated set of tools ranging from data integration to dashboard creation,” Gartner says. “Yellowfin represents the modern design of a central enterprise BI platform and is well-suited to embedded analytics. Yellowfin has a strong indirect channel with more than 250 partners worldwide, achieving most of its revenue through resellers, distributers and OEM partners.”