Slideshow 10 Best Quotes of 2012

  • December 26 2012, 9:39am EST
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Here are 10 of the best quotes from our blogs, columns, features and news items during 2012.

On Business Intelligence Data Quality

"No large, global, heterogeneous, multi-business- and product-line enterprise can ever hope to clean up all of its data - it's always a continuous journey. The key is knowing what data sources feed your BI applications and how confident you are about the accuracy of data coming from each source." Boris Evelson, Forrester Research analyst, “Make a Data Confidence Index Part of Your BI Architecture”

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On Real-World Data Education

"When you actually go into the business world and you look at the data, half of the data is missing, some of it doesn’t make any sense, but you still have to use it. You can’t say, ‘I quit.’" Dr. Goutam Chakraborty, professor in the department of marketing at Oklahoma State University, “Want Prepared Data Managers? Give Them Dirt”

On Mobile BI

"[I]f BI can be defined as ‘the process of making better decisions,’ it strikes me as odd that a lot of your phone’s personal productivity apps aren’t already counted in the tools and process workflow. The intersections are plain, your CRM flows to your contacts and email and messaging to your calendaring and maps et cetera, et cetera. And, increasingly, the analytics are embedded where and when you need them." Jim Ericson, Editorial Director, “Mobile is BI’s Big Stick"

On Enterprise Social Networks

"A different way to think about this is that ESNs represent a new way to communicate and form relationships – and because of that, can bridge gaps that exist in terms of information sharing and decision-making processes. To better understand these use cases, we found that they boil down to four different types of gaps in the organization — tough problems that can’t be addressed by the current technology, process, or culture." Altimeter Group Researcher Charlene Li, “Enterprises ‘Like’ Social Networks, Don’t ‘Love’ the Results”

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On Predictive Analytics

"We can augment our human capital with predictive analytics. Let's automate the mindless tasks." Roger Craig, CEO and co-founder of predictive analytics consultancy Cotinga, and renowned “Jeopardy!” champ, “Dispatches from Predictive Analytics World 2012 Chicago”

On Emerging Analytics

"It is going to be puzzling a lot of people, how big data and analytics relate to each other. In a lot of organizations, we had parallel silos in 2012, and I hope that’s not the case in 2013." Thomas Davenport, analytics expert and author, “Analytics in 2013: Smarter Business Uses and Some Big Data Deaths”

On Data Quality Requirements

"I kind of have to be a master of cleaning, extracting and trusting my data before I do anything with it." Scott Nicholson, data scientist, Accretive Health, “Data Scientists Driving Business Advantage, Data Scientists Driving Business Advantage”

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On Cloud Computing Plans

"There’s an expectation out there that the cloud is a panacea and it’s not." CIO and EVP Rich Roseman of News Corp, “Managing Cloud for the Enterprise”

On the Data Warehouse

"Something I am a big fan of is rapid virtualization strategy where you can build a BI solution on a virtual layer, deploy it immediately and then decide, if it’s still around in a few weeks, whether you need to move that data to a data warehouse. It may be that we find a lot of things we never need to put into a data warehouse because they are short-term uses or lose their usefulness. You don’t want to spend more on a data warehouse than makes sense." Stacey Jones, UPS Lead System Architect, “25 Top Information Managers 2012”

On Visualization Basics

"As available data becomes more complex and extensive, weaving it into a visualization that invites engagement, understanding and decision-making is a bigger challenge, with a bigger opportunity for payoff." Ryan Bell, EffectiveUI interface developer, “Eight Principles of Data Visualization”

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