Framework for the Future program aims to ease fears over 'job-killing tech'

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With innovation occurring at a head-spinning pace the president and CEO of CompTIA, the leading trade association for the technology industry, announced last week that the organization is developing new, free educational resources aimed at empowering people with knowledge about new technologies.

In keynote remarks delivered at ChannelCon 2019 , Todd Thibodeaux outlined a “framework for the future.”

"Our industry is all about empowering people and business to do great things,” Thibodeaux told the ChannelCon audience. “We’re committed to eliminating fears about worker replacements and job-killing technologies with a message of hope and empowerment.”

Thibodeaux said the unease about innovation is understandable, but education can ease the concerns.

“It’s been decades since we’ve had this many paradigm changing technologies hitting the market at the same time,” he said, listing artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, big data analytics, robotics, bionics, and digital health as examples.

“We want to normalize these technologies for people,” he said.

CompTIA is developing a free educational platform that will be available to anyone interested in learning more about the technologies that are taking hold in our lives.

“You’ll be able to find a full perspective on these different areas of technology,” Thibodeaux explained. “Anyone who uses this resource will leave with a good conversational knowledge and understanding about these technologies.

“This initiative underpins everything we do as an association, from advocacy and public policy, to education and workforce development, to certification and training, to industry promotion and member engagement,” he added.