Why well-designed software is crucial in building data management products

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Technology is ever-present and without it businesses have no chance of success. The same applies to the construction and development of data management products. In the era of big data, every well-functioning product that brings real value to customers must be created by means of efficient and reliable software.

I really like this statement – ‘to use the technological potential means to give your product a chance to succeed on the market.' Having been very close to the data management environment for over 10 years, participating in the building of such products, I do realize that even the best idea for a data management product cannot be successful if it is not based on well-designed software.

It is estimated that up to 80% of businesses on the market fail because of poor software quality. In turn, up to 75% of software development projects fail due to delays, lack of sufficient knowledge, exhaustion of the budget and many other factors.

Now think about those statistics when building strictly data management products. Such projects are, after all, associated with the need to have a fast and bug-free system that can handle the processing of huge amounts of data and the use of modern solutions. Big challenge, right?

Data management products and well-designed software. Why is it a symbiosis?

Looking closely at the entire data science industry, I noticed that awareness of the importance of high-quality software is constantly growing. The industry is recognizing the real benefits of well-designed software, which then has a direct impact on the results achieved on the market by data management products. I would like to mention some of the most important factors that increase the quality of your product.

Speed of data management

The system that you have already created or started building must be able to store and process huge amounts of data. The key in this case are processes such as downloading or aggregating data. From the user's perspective, these are important factors that affect the perception of product quality. The data must be available on demand, and automation is needed, for example, to increases the speed of data generation.

UX data management product

If you are looking for effective practices on how to increase the attractiveness of your product, let me give you a hint – remember about user experience. To make the data you work with useful, the user must see your system as a smart one. It must generate the simplest and most understandable results the moment the user is looking for them.

A good product is one with which the user can get the required information in just a few clicks. The system cannot generate huge amounts of data that will not be useful. This could be a simple way to lose a potential customer.

Process automation

If your business is based on data processing and management, you will definitely need a high level of process automation within the product. If you can build such a system, you will not need people to perform tedious and repetitive processes every day. It is much easier to increase the value of a product by automating it and minimizing human interference.

Cost- and time-saving

Well-built software will save the budget and reduce the time of product implementation and maintenance on the market. If it uses the latest and tested technological solutions from the beginning, you will avoid the so-called 'tech debt,' which will have a positive impact on your budget.

In addition, by minimizing the risk of bugs, you will ensure that your data management product will be free from imperfections and that the development and maintenance time will also be shortened.

How to build well-designed software for data management products?

I know from my own experience that the most important role is played by the team (developers, product designers and product owner) responsible for creating the product. First of all, the team must have intuition and knowledge with regard to creating data management product. With such experience, you can both significantly increase the efficiency of work and make sure that your product will simply be better.

Trust is also crucial. The product owner presents the idea of the product, conducts discussions with the team about the selection and optimization of technological solutions, which is why I believe that this person must respect the suggestions of developers. Sometimes there may be conflicting opinions, too.

The product owner may think that it takes, say, two days to create a functionality, while the whole process actually takes two weeks. Why is there such a difference? Believe me, projects related to the development of data management software are very demanding. They require advanced solutions and tests that will make the product work well – it takes time.

Finally, I would like to recommend the Scrum methodology for such endeavors. If you have to build your own data management product at some point, opt for this approach. In my opinion, it maximizes the results of the work and allows for a more efficient management of the entire development process.

Usually, a team working in accordance with Scrum is made up of nine people. This is actually in the definition of Scrum. In addition, the whole process is really transparent. Daily meetings and planning take place, so you – as a product owner – are up to date with all changes and updates.

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