Predictions 2018: 4 top trends shaping the cybersecurity landscape

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From Deloitte to Equifax to Uber, it seemed that a week didn’t go by in 2017 where there wasn’t a major breach affecting millions of people. Businesses and consumers are eager to adopt new technologies, but they haven’t taken the time to make sure they have the proper security protocols in place. As a result, companies across the board are struggling to keep up with the evolving threat landscape.

Here’s what’s in store for 2018 and beyond:

1. Malware will incorporate artificial intelligence

Malware attacks, prevalent in 2017, will only get worse in 2018, as they begin to make use of artificial intelligence. To put it simply, malware will develop the capability to become more malicious through learning from previous attacks. Unfortunately, as the good guys look to AI to help prevent attacks, the bad guys will look to see how they can leverage that same technology.

2. The CISO role will become more critical

Over the next year, the CISO position will become more critical and move out of the CIO’s shadow. Eventually, the CISO role will become mandatory for all organizations that are doing business with the Federal Government. That may not happen in 2018, but there will be increasing momentum towards this type of regulation.

3. There will be increased regulation of IoT devices

As the Internet of Things becomes an integral part of people’s daily lives, more data will be collected from IoT devices and used to develop ever more detailed profiles of customers and their habits. In response, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) will develop an IoT security control framework and mandate minimally-acceptable safeguards for deploying these devices.

4. Consumer’s lack of privacy will gain attention

Despite the torrent of data routinely collected on U.S. consumers, there are currently no regulations in place to safeguard their privacy—a situation that cybercriminals continue to exploit. In 2018, there will be mounting pressure to adopt privacy protections, as high-profile attacks continue to frustrate the public and jeopardize online commerce.

Security is more important than ever in today’s internet obsessed world, but we lack the necessary protocols to ensure everyone’s safety. So, we can be confident of two things in 2018: There will be even more high-profile cybercrime, and it will be accompanied by a wave of pushback to enact more safety measures.

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