Three best practices for finding and luring key web development talent

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The landscape of programmers and developers is changing constantly and rapidly. In this new technological arena, finding the right program or for you can be a difficult and arduous task. The field has grown tremendously, and the potential employee base is staggering.

When an organization posts a new opportunity, the amount of feedback received is often incredible. To wade through all of the applications and resumes can be difficult in and of itself. What happens then, when you believe you have found the right developer for you?

Most business owners cannot afford to hire and fire a developer they thought would work. High turnover rates can lead to losses in profits and morale. Hiring the right developer or programmer can completely revitalize or grow an organization.

So, hiring a developer is essential given the proper context and when the business is ready to take the next step. It is important to know then, what things to ask and where to look when hiring a new web developer.

Here are three ways to find an exceptional web developer:

1. Search for highly-skilled freelancers

Freelance web development websites can be significant resources for business owners hiring or looking to hire, web developers. In the freelance arena, you can first test the skills of the prospective developer In a test environment without the risk of having to fire them.

Freelance sites are invaluable tools for business owners who don't have the time or the budget to hire developers willy-nilly.

Testing the skills of a developer can be difficult and arduous. That is why hiring a freelance developer to work on a single project or a test application can be the best way to screen potential employees. The method of hiring from freelance gives employers all the information they need to make the best decision for their company.

2. Determine your project scope before looking for candidates

The hunt for the right developer can be tedious and overlong especially if you're not sure what you need precisely. The best web developers can take a need and figure out a solution to whatever problem you might have. What the developer needs, however, are specifics.

Say, if you are a business just starting out, you might need web design as well as form implementation. In another instance, you may be building a web application or an advanced user interface in which case the developer would take on more of a hard coding role. Knowing exactly what you can expedite the process and can make the job more comfortable for the developer.

3. Look deeper than resumes and portfolios

One thing that business owners can get caught up in, especially when hiring web developers is the look of the prospective employees’ portfolios. Sometimes a developer can know all of the lingoes can have a beautiful-looking collection filled with languages and projects.

It is important then to make sure that you do not hire based on looks alone, whether hiring front-end developers or full-stack engineers.

The best web developer you may find might have a terrible-looking portfolio but fits the culture of your business better than anyone else.

This can happen when asking trivial questions to prospective developers, such as, “How many languages do you know?” and “What specific calls are there in PHP?” Sometimes, even the most qualified-sounding developer is not the best one for your business or your needs. Hiring a web developer is as much about personality as it is about skill.


While it may seem counter-intuitive, hiring a web developer is a test of your human intuition. The proliferation of programming and developing has created a deep pool of developer talent.

That is why hiring the right developer has little to do with the vast array of skills that a developer may have but, instead what kind of personality they possess.

Many developers can code and are knowledgeable of the basics of web development and design but, not all of them will fit within your company's structure or culture. Hiring a web developer can be a painstaking process; however, these methods of searching can take the tedium and mystery out of the process.

Hiring a developer is very important for businesses seeking growth and is recommended for almost all situations. The technological age has created a vast pool of talented people who are all just waiting for the right business. Why not let that business be yours?

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