The full benefits of artificial intelligence are still to be realized

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Artificial intelligence has taken the news cycle by storm in recent years as major headway was achieved in some very important aspects of this precocious technology.

AI is capable of just so many different things from managing a business marketing department to keeping you abreast of the news at home in the morning. It is an unspoken truth that AI is slowly incorporating itself into all major industries as well as our everyday lives. As a result, almost every developer on the planet is looking at AI to find an angle for entry.

The Paradox of AI Research

“The deep paradox uncovered by AI research: the only way to deal efficiently with very complex problems is to move away from pure logic,” says Daniel Crevier. “Most of the time, reaching the right decision requires little reasoning.... Expert systems are, thus, not about reasoning: they are about knowing.... Reasoning takes time, so we try to do it as seldom as possible. Instead we store the results of our reasoning for later reference.”

The market is still wide open and in constant need of innovation in order to proceed as a viable technology for the future. Its usefulness has been proven many times and its ossification is always just around the corner.

That is the truly genius part of artificial intelligence: it survives on evolution and improvement. In terms of practical application, it is clear that it can be used for a number of services and businesses.

AI’s New Spring

“The new spring in AI is the most significant development in computing in my lifetime,” states Sergey Brin. “Every month, there are stunning new applications and transformative new techniques. But such powerful tools also bring with them new questions and responsibilities.”

For instance, the esteemed service HubSpot uses automation to generate marketing strategies and automatically populate social media campaigns in the hope of building brands that everyone can get behind. We also have the incredibly popular smart assistants that can accomplish a myriad of things, like read the news and play our favorite music.

Assistants like the Google Home and Amazon Alexa even have personalities and can learn the habits of its users to more even more beneficial than it is already. We have the future as well with the continuous development of automated vehicles that seek to reduce traffic deaths and ease traffic congestion along with the subtle added benefit of never having to drive again.

We have automatons being built around the world and next level prosthetic robotics that all use some level of AI in order to operate and learn. This is to say that artificial intelligence is an industry of limitless potential. In this article, we will share some resources for developing AI that can improve development time and expand the technological prowess of any company that gets involved.

These resources will not only launch yourself, or business, into the next big tech sector, but, will also aid in the general development of artificial intelligence. The truth is that AI could be a real answer to many of life’s persistent problems like world hunger and traffic death.

Developing for artificial intelligence does not only bring you into one of the hottest sectors ever, but, can also double as a way to make real progress towards grander goals. The usability of the technology is incredible and the potential is nothing if not endless.


AI can be developed to do anything you want and can improve the lives of its users. For those reasons alone it is enough to get involved with the technology, but its real selling point is that it can be used with anything and make it better.

Development in AI is not just a good idea, it’s the future. Getting started in AI will ensure that your business will be a part of a grand tech revolution that will not be missed.

“In a way, AI is both closer and farther off than we imagine,” Mark Zuckerberg posits. “AI is closer to being able to do more powerful things than most people expect -- driving cars, curing diseases, discovering planets, understanding media. Those will each have a great impact on the world, but we're still figuring out what real intelligence is.”

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