The business value of information technology

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I remain perplexed as to why we (the wider “we”) know so little about how investments in information and technology drive business value. In a brand new survey of Gartner’s research circle, we determined that the vast majority of organizations struggle to demonstrate the value of their information and technology investments.

Just today I saw to pending client inquiries where clients were looking for tools the techniques to respond to questions from their senior business leaders to show what all that IT money has done for their business.

Here is a summary of the new survey findings:

Our survey that focused on the business value of data and analytics completed early this year. We published a note that covered some of the main findings here: Survey Analysis: Where to Target Your Data and Analytics Investments to Improve Business Value. You will notice some similarities: many firms are not good at demonstrating business value of IT; many don’t even try.

This whole topic, how to measure the value and impact of information and technology, on how firms operate, is pretty important! Though the surveys mentioned in this blog look at very granular, firm-level data, the findings in the aggregate level, at industry level, are just as troubling.

So much has been published on the lack of clear line-of-sight between IT investments and improve productivity.


Whatever our situation and whatever our survey’s tell us, we will all be watching this space closely for many years to come. There is a lot that rides on this stuff.

(This post originally appeared on Andrew White's Gartner Research blog, which can be viewed here).

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