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Are you excited by all the new innovations coming in the cloud computing market for 2017? Our Predictions report neatly summarizes them for you.

Now what are you going to do about it? If you’re like the majority of infrastructure and operations pros I speak with about cloud, building a strategic plan to get your cloud plans in order is a top priority for 2017.

2017 is the perfect time for I&O pros to take control of their company’s cloud computing strategy, because cloud adoption is up, developers are more keen on cloud services than ever — and cloud is where the most exciting innovations in IoT, machine learning, big data analytics, and container-based development are happening.

Cloud is now a foundational enterprise technology. I&O leaders must strike the right balance between business, developer, and tech management priorities to source, configure, deliver, and optimize the right mix of cloud services for their business.

Above all, your cloud strategic plan must be customer-obsessed. Do you know what it means to build a customer-obsessed operating model based on cloud computing? Don’t wait to find out. Your business won’t wait. And most of all, your customers won’t wait.

Read the latest Strategic Plan report in our Cloud Computing Playbook to learn:

  • Why every enterprise needs a strategic cloud plan today
  • How cloud strategy is a team effort, so you have to know what motivates your players
  • What to include in your cloud strategic plan to drive cloud adoption in 2017

As always, please reach out via inquiry if we can help you turn your strategy into action.

(About the author: Dave Bartoletti is a principal analyst at Forrester Research. This post originally appeared on his Forrester blog, which can be viewed here)

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