The need to service the needs of the sales organization requires that you provide the information the individual needs to do their job in a simple and efficient manner. It should be no surprise that helping the front line sales professionals and managers is a essential component of organizations sales strategies and sales operations. To do so requires the providers of specific sales applications and sales performance management suite providers are advancing the mobility needs of their sales forces. Recently Synygy a key provider of sales performance management has introduced Synygy Portal in their mobile edition that provides the information that provides critical sales compensation and incentive information and documents. In addition Synygy Portal on mobile technology provide sales teams the insight to recent sales transactions and progress to reaching sales quotas which is well known to be a frequent habit by sales. Synygy has also partnered with SFA providers like to ease the integration of sales opportunities and accounts directly into the Synygy environment that can be integrated into capabilities like Synygy Portal.
This announcement makes it easy for a new generation of sales professionals that work with the convenience of their mobile device like Apple iPhone along with RIM Blackberry and Window Mobile. As sales professionals are often on the go throughout a day and only connect with their computer on a less frequent basis the need for these types of sales applications on mobile devices become critical. I recently wrote about the advancement and use of Apple iPhone in business though Apple has not been as proactive in supporting this use of their technology like RIM has been with Blackberry devices. As identified by our research team, the business mobility priority in organizations has become an essential part of business technology strategies and should support the span of mobile technologies like Apple iPhone, RIM Blackberry and others. It is good to see Synygy advance the accessibility of their applications and information for sales organizations which is essential to be successful in adoption by sales. This new set of capabilities will help organization address the sales and revenue performance priorities and drive new levels of operational efficiency in sales.