Steps to designing an effective data governance program

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Editor’s note: The tremendous growth in the amount of data that organizations are creating or collecting has put renewed focus on data governance programs, especially as they relate to master data management. With that in mind, Victoria Stasiewicz, manager of data governance at HealthNow New York, will speak at the MDM & Data Governance Summit on July 14 in San Francisco on “Best Practices: Reinvigorating Governance of Master Data.”

My presentation will highlight the bootstrap data governance approach for HealthNow (Health Payer) which incorporates the IBM Master Data Management Solution, IBM’s Information Governance Catalog, and Atlassian’s JIRA.

The HealthNow Data Governance Program has identified the protection of member, or patient, health information as a priority within the organization in order to enhance and enrich member data delivery.

The application owners of member data, specific to care management, have worked closely with the Data Governance Office to identify use cases that could serve as the starting point in this effort. The goal is to apply governance to care management membership reporting and workflows. The proposed use cases are being analyzed by the Data Management Council now.

Care management data is a large consumer of the current MDM data repository. While the HealthNow master data management program is functioning as it was designed to, current business needs require that it be updated and upgraded.

The approach HealthNow has chosen is an iterative and collaborative data governance program that is driven by a Data Management Council (DMC). Within each phase specific domains will be implemented for the program.

The initial discovery for each domain outlines what is currently working well and what needs improvement. Best practices are being identified by enabling DMC Workgroups to drill down on subject areas, sample pain points, system level reports and business metrics that are being utilized to create business rules and remediate data quality exceptions.

The DMC Workgroups are also analyzing member data discrepancies via data quality dashboards, profiling and scorecards outlined in the Data Stewardship Framework. The methodology for the DMC Workgroups has been implemented within JIRA, which is the centralized reporting tool that is also used to communicate DMC tasks and accomplishments to all stakeholders.

It is HealthNow’s goal to implement this year a tried, trusted and true master data solution for the overall organization’s internal and external reporting regarding the member data domain. The implementation of the HealthNow Data Governance Program will require a happy marriage between business and information technology, with MDM acting as the child conforming to structured parental guidance.

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