At the annual conference for Pitney Bowes software division called Business Insight the advancement of using information and analytics to address specific customer, operational and location business issues and opportunity was presented. Pitney Bowes Business Insight is elevating their core enabling capabilities for locating, connecting and communicating in any business and industry as part of multiple categories of products. With a spectrum of technology from data integration and quality to location intelligence and the specific application that has just started to deploy. After a day behind closed doors with executives I got a deeper appreciate for the portfolio of technologies today and in the future.
This software provider is well known for the Location Intelligence and the MapInfo technology that helps organizations best use their location related information intelligently throughout their business process. This week was a key milestone with the announcement of version 10 which advances the usability and storage of content in PostGIS and the ability to use Adobe Acrobat as a technology to layer geography and location easily. I have written before about being Location Intelligent and advancing the maturity of business through using this well advanced technology. Now, while Google has lay claim to the market in consumer mapping, Pitney Bowes Business Insight has taken an embrace and extend approach to ensure that the content and analytical value of datasets can be used within Google. Meeting the requirements for answering multi-part business questions where you then want to drill and page through data on a map is not so easy. To bring more value to Google from publishing maps from MapInfo 10 or using the Stratus technology and a rich Internet applications (RIA) approach to the componentization and integration of location and content easily across the Internet is just part of what Pitney Bowes is betting on in being the value hub of information and analytics with their technology.
One of the newer growth areas for Pitney Bowes Business Insight is the focus on predictive analytics where new solutions ranging from maximizing performance of retail locations and minimizing risk in business processes are now helping leverage location-centric analytics in new ways. As well the customer communications management technologies help organizations communicate print and digital communications across geographic and languages which considering the importance of experience and satisfaction in customer relationship has advanced the prioritization to examine this technology. The solution for Geographic Tax Management software helping optimize and manage to regulatory compliance requirements is one of the hidden jewels in their business solution portfolio. Each of these use a combination of the unique technology and content to help address a class of business applications not found in CRM.  But making data easly available and spatially indexed and manated is not easy and a partnership with Netezza and their Spatial Analytics appliance is making it easier to get up and operating quickly. All of the efforts and work are finding full value in deployments world-wide as loyal customers continue to find ways to use the software effectively. The larger challenge is education on Pitney Bowes Business Insight and what their technology is all about and where they can add value and integrate into the enterprise to leverage existing and new investments. At the same time the clarity of why the high value information and analytics can address customer and location issues faster and enable individuals to be smarter is one opportunity that you might not want to pass up.

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