It has been some time since I advanced the definition and focus of Operational Performance Management back over 8 years ago. It was clear then as it is now that it is an essential component to help organizations achieve desired business outcomes. Since then, the focus on organizations and business processes outside of finance has been recognized as critical investment especially when so many are wasting too many cycles focusing on the past and not enough on optimizing future performance. Too often organizations have been lazy in continuing their use of spreadsheets that have created more problems than help advancing the need for optimizing operational performance across your business. I have been watching for almost two years as a solution provider, myDials, has been advancing the art and science of helping organizations not just improve their operational performance but manage it.
myDials has put together a simplified approach to what we have seen is critical for organizations which is the application of analytics to operational data where metrics are generated and used to manage to desired performance. Now that might sound easy but so many of the technologies today miss the intuitive presentation and discovery of operational performance opportunities and challenges. Even more is that most of the technologies do not allow for the simple scenario and impact analysis that help determine the trade-off by examining implications across time and operational metrics. myDials has addressed these issues and in their recent release of version 3 has advanced the usability and interactivity of their analytics even further through simplification of conducing time series analysis. But probably the most important is a method to display the drivers behind key performance indicators and dynamically show the linkage between them while navigating across operational metrics. myDials is also addressing the core ingredient of analytics which is the metrics and the efficient processing of them and automatic notification when they hit a particular threshold.
If you are not sure yet if this is different than your current BI, then all you had to do is to take a two minute tour through a demo and review what they can do in a short period of time and realize that can find comfort that you will be able to optimize performance at the pace of your business. myDials has focused on making their product easily available by providing it as part of the cloud computing efforts in the industry where you can sign up and pay as you go and is easy to get started and integrate your data from anything from your spreadsheets to legacy systems. I am still amazed at the attention to detail that myDials has invested to integrate the three steps of operational performance management that are understand, optimize and align into a single unified tool. This simple approach has many organizations re-examining how they work across operations and provide the visibility and insight required to improve operational performance. myDials is truly helping organizations use metrics as I point out as the information currency that matters. Instead of just putting up with static charts from your presentations or dealing with scattered discussions across emails, look at what myDials has done to make analytics easily applied and used often by business but leverage the data from existing IT investments.