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Information Managers Unite

We've just wrapped up our first annual 25 Top Information Manager program with a short symposium and dinner in New York last week, and I'm happy to say it was a success by any way I could measure it.

Along with a keynote from our current cover subject Suzanne Yoakum-Stover (our "scientific" presentation), we had a couple of panels talking about changing working environments and the effect of technology and the incoming workforce on the way we'll be doing business in coming years.

Really, this was a launching pad for what I hope will be an ongoing program, an "irregular gathering of very interesting people," and an alumni of participants we might leverage against a social or non-profit challenge in the future. 

Eight of the leaders from our 2010 list took the time to travel in from points across the country. That is humbling by itself when you consider how hard it is to spring people at this level from their jobs for a day, not to mention all of them on the same day. All of them were fantastic participants who lent their brainpower to the event and I am grateful to every one of them.

We're already soliciting nominations for next year's list. (We're calling on our own sources, sorry, no product vendors or SIs are eligible.)

So this is just a short post and update to say we'll have several highlights from panels along with the complete keynote from Suzanne posted on a new video page we're calling "IMTV" within days. We'll let you know in our newsletters, as soon as our new video service is available.

Beyond that, I'm looking for ways to gather a grassroots base of experts we can summon as needed in groups or as individuals to answer a question or join a cause as much as they might be interested to do so.

After all, Information Management is a journal built of contributed content and a successful model that has lasted 20 years. Maybe it's a general resource, forum or a work group we're creating, maybe it's a network for information management professionals at all level of experience.

We're going to try to augment it with job trending and career information and a directory of professionals with discrete interests. I'm really not sure where it winds up, but if you have a thought you can share it here or drop me an email at IMtop25@sourcemedia.com.

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