Informatica announced their acquisition of Agent Logic who is a provider of what is called Operational Intelligence and a technology category that uses events to provide insight to the operations and activities of organizations as I have previously written about new generation of information and insight. Agent Logic had been working hard to empower business to have the real time insight and information that has been intelligently processed in their product to help individuals to be responsive. Agent Logic 4.0 release of RulePoint in late 2008 provided the bridge of processing events and data together into a easy to use environment for delivering Operational Intelligence. Agent Logic also provided Real Time Alert Manager and RuleCast as complimentary technologies to RulePoint to help with notifications but also for harvesting events easier across the enterprise. All three of the products will continue to be available until Informatica transitions them into their family of products.
Informatica on their part has continued to build out their integration and information management technologies but this acquisition provides them an opportunity to gain access to critical tools for business to harvest events and data more efficiently and optimize specific activities and processes. Informatica needed to acquire CEP technology and Agent Logic was a good pick as the real value is actually what their platform and tools enable which is Operational Intelligence and is the reasoning of why their customers purchased their products. In fact Agent Logic won the 2008 Ventana Research Leadership Award with the use of their products at the United States Coast Guard. Informatica will realize over short order of time that the challenge Agent Logic had too much industry focus on CEP that is really part of Operational Intelligence as I have pointed out recently where the value is clear for business to be responsive but informed when action is needed to be taken.
I reflect back to the release of the Operational Intelligence and CEP benchmark research we completed at Ventana Research released earlier this year. The research provided insights to the demand and challenges organizations face in using this technology which were the ability to correlate events across dozens of sources across a diverse set of systems and use them intelligently to empower individuals to optimize business processes which was the number one benefit found in existing deployments. The research found the demand for Operational Intelligence is needed most by organizations to address multi-channel contact centers and customer experience management needs across industries. This was followed by risk-related processes across finance, operations and IT that my colleague Robert Kugel has eloquently written about the importance of automating them and managing it across the enterprise effectively. Agent Logic also provides the ability for Informatica to expand their identity resolution efforts as the correlation of events by using an identity is essential for a range of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) needs.
Logically this acquisition expands Informatica beyond data integration into event integration which was found to a required component to empower Operational Intelligence properly. Informatica moves into Operational Intelligence will enable it to address a technology that has helped Tibco with their integration technologies but other major suppliers who have acquired technology to enter the market including Cisco and IBM and dedicated providers Progress Software, SeeWhy and Vitria along with the merging of Aleri and Coral8 who realize the importance of events and their use in meeting business and IT needs of Operational Intelligence. A smart move for Informatica to make this acquisition of Agent Logic as their customers look to leverage the power of data integration that was already processing data in real time but now can expand to address events and one of the rapidly growing market segments of Operational Intelligence.