How SMBs can tap artificial intelligence for business gains

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When we talk about so-called emerging or future technologies, artificial intelligence quickly comes to mind. After all, AI is predicted to impact nearly all the jobs in the not-so-distant future.

But while many people are fearful about the concept of AI they don’t need to be, as Al is not really capable of imitating the human behavior.

AI is also not just for large organizations. So let’s take a look at the ways we can incorporate AI to efficiently run our business on a small scale.

Improve Customer Support

We always notice seemingly personal and catchy lines, such as "Come back, we miss you."

This is nothing but the impact of AI, which is actively working in the background. Email marketing has one of the highest revenue generating which implies that if you are not using it still, then this is the time to start and if you are already using it then tune it with AI.

You can always use the POS system for email marketing as it is integrated with MailChimp which does email segmentation all alone. This helps to stand out by being able to contact your customers directly in case of any company event.

Another way to improve your customer support is by introducing the chatbot. A chatbot basically does all the work of a salesperson and customers get answers to their questions on mobile devices or desktop websites. The after-head of the chatbot is AI which interprets the human intelligence.

Increase Marketing

When a company creates an advertisement, the ultimate goal is to reach as many leads as possible, especially the targeted leads. Before AI, this was based on demographics for marketing. But nowadays, Facebook ads are relevantly used for ad showcases in order to target the interested users. To manage marketing budgets efficiently we often require a deep domain expertise, which cuts down unnecessary business costs.

There are many AI-powered platforms, such as Acquisio, which manages several marketing operations across multiple channels like Adwords, Facebook and Bing, all by analyzing advertisement performance and getting suggestions.

Smart CRMs

For compiling information about consumers across different channels such as phone, email or any social network; CRM provides sales force with an integrated environment to lead interactions with the current prospective consumers and lead generation.

SalesForce is one of the better-known CRM systems, and is widely used by developers to integrate the AI functionality. It can help to analyze the company requirements of recorded phone conversations, emails, social media content, customer reviews and lead generation into different segmentations.

Alerting Intelligence

Major alertness is required when you want to compete with the rivals. You need to get updated about their daily strategies and posts. This might sound difficult, but to some extent, it is definitely possible by an AI-powered competitive analysis tool like Crayon.

With the help of this tool, you can track your rivals across various channels such as websites, social media and web applications. It is packed with the natural language processing and business metrics which gives small business a better insight of current updates in their rival's strategy.

With the combined approach of artificial intelligence and machine learning, it provides an outstanding opportunity for small businesses to stand out of the crowd and kick in their individual AI strategy.

AI is not a self-driving car, but businesses of any size can use it to transform their marketing, customer service, human relations, IT, sales and administration without spending more funds. It is already helping in saving time and resources to make our lives simpler and our businesses more efficient and profitable.

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